Sony Hidden Agenda (PS4) £7.47 (Prime) / £9.46 (non Prime) Sold by SKYWISH and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Sony Hidden Agenda (PS4) £7.47 (Prime) / £9.46 (non Prime) Sold by SKYWISH and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Found 16th Feb

  • Innovative and accessible: As a PlayLink game, Hidden Agenda

    allows people of all skill levels to participate with the use of mobile

    devices as controllers

  • Group play: Whilst Hidden Agenda can be played in single player,

    this truly is a great social experience designed to be played with a

    group of friends; imagine a movie night where you get together to enjoy a

    thriller and the story changes based on the choices you all make

  • Choice and consequence: Illustrated by the Ripple Effect

    mechanic, Hidden Agenda is a branching story that puts choice and

    consequence at the heart of the gameplay; every decision you make has a

    consequence that impacts the story in some way; which ending will you


  • Modes: With two gameplay modes for different occasions, the story

    can be enjoyed both cooperatively and competitively; either play

    together, making joint decisions on how the story will pan out or play

    against your friends by scoring points based on players Hidden Agendas
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Had a play through with the missus. Really enjoyed it. Sounds like it could be better with a larger group though.
Worth this price for a few hours entertainment.
And bought (on "delayed delivery").

Thank OP!
Great game - WARNING!.... if u make a wrong move u have to start the whole thing again - no chapter select or loading saves after making a wrong move.
Edited by: "Claydon94" 16th Feb
Also, the iOS app is currently totally b0rk3d...
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