Sony HTAS5 5.1 Home Cinema System [RRP £399] £179.99 @ Laskys

Sony HTAS5 5.1 Home Cinema System [RRP £399] £179.99 @ Laskys

Found 30th Dec 2010
This is basically a one-box surround sound system which includes a subwoofer/amplifier unit, centre speaker and four corner speakers. Apparently works well even if not using the two rear speakers and has good reviews with an RRP of £399 and a TSP of £249-£299.

It's been posted previously at this price at BestBuy but is out of stock for delivery and Amazon did have it for £130 for a short time which I'm sick I missed!

This is currently in stock with Laskys who do free delivery (up to 10 days but more usual for it to be 5 or less) and pay 3.5% Quidco (just had it track within half an hour of purchase)

Also could be available at for this price but shows no or low stock in different areas of the site.

All credit to those who have previously posted this item. Posts and comments below.

Features HT-AS5
3D over 3x HDMI® - Easy one cable connectivity from numerous sources to your Full HD TV plus 3D video pass through (from a compatible 3D source)
High Definition Surround Sound - Multi channel Linear PCM for true High Definition surround sound from Blu-ray Disc™ players
Audio return channel - Hear sound from the TV through your Home Cinema system via HDMI®, without needing a separate optical digital audio cable
DCAC - One-push automatic sound set-up for flexible speaker placement and optimum sound quality
Digital Cinema Sound - Developed in conjunction with Sony Pictures Entertainment to bring the movie experience to your home
S-Master Digital Amplifier - Crystal clear sound for playback faithful to the original source
Dolby® Digital - Hear your movies come to life with Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Prologic II and DTS Decoding
Wireless Rear Speaker Option - An optional extra that enables you to enjoy a cable-free environment (rear speakers only)
x.v. Colour and 24p True Cinema pass through - Adjusts picture settings to makes movies look as authentic as the original
BRAVIA® Sync - Simple, one touch integrated control over your BRAVIA® TV and other compatible products with only one remote plus BRAVIA® TV widget for audio control
Night mode - Reduces bass and enhances dialogue. Perfect for watching movies late at night without upsetting the neighbours
RDS FM / AM tuner - Built-in tuner with 30 preset stations
MP3 player over DIGITAL MEDIA PORT - Easily release music stored on a Walkman® or iPod and playback in great Sony sound quality
Portable Audio Enhancer - Boosts the quality of compressed music such as MP3 files


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Bring on the Onkyo jokes!

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Why cold??

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Why cold??

I can only assume the cold voters are either those who are happy with a lesser quality system, or those who would prefer to pay more for separates? I doubt this system will be seen any cheaper in the near future.

It does seem to be available at £199 rather than the £399 RRP. It's £249 in Currys. £179 is an ok price.

I looked at it today in Currys. Very understated and a bit boring but functional. Didn't sound any better (or worse) than my older Sony system from about 5 years ago. The Onkyo system that people have been raving about doesn't sound as good as my Sony and I thought it sounded a bit muddy and not that articulate. Fine for a fim, but not sure I would be happy with music.

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Thanks BlackCloud. Agree it's probably not the best for music but personally I'd want so spend at least double if I wanted to use it for music regularly. I.e. for the price it's probably reasonable for music via an AV setup.

Keep an eye out on Amazon, they may possibly get more stock in at £129.99.

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Keep an eye out on Amazon, they may possibly get more stock in at £129.99.

I doubt it! I hope I'm proven wrong but they had some in last week and they got snapped up at £180 in no time. Very doubtful that they'd price so much lower when they can shift stock so fast at the higher price.

Currently no stock and the only one listed is by someone with 7 ratings for £322.49 delivered.

Now out of stock at Laskys. Hope someone from Hotukdeals was able to grab the last remaining ones! Cheapest now seems to be £200.82 delivered from Pixmania.

Interestingly the Comet website (was £199.99) says that the product has been discontinued.
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Guys, would you be able to answer this? At the moment my surround sound doesn't have HDMI. Therefore all my HDMI devices connect to the tv, and sound is routed seperately via coaxial/optical cables. No probs, sounds fine and does me for what I need. I watch most stuff with just the tv speakers for most playback unless it is a film.

If I buy a new surround sound unit, all the HDMI's (which includes sound in the same cable) go through the new unit with just one connection from the unit going straight to the TV. Does this mean I would have to have the surround sound unit switched on all the time? ...and consequently turned down if i want to hear just through the tv? Hopefully you understand what i mean!

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You're spot on. As every source feeds direct in to the amp, you will get no sound unless the amp is switched on. The TV would be the only potential exception as there's a chance it would fall back on it's own speakers if the amp was off (that's a guess though).

I saw this for £129 at Amzon a few days ago. So anything higher than that is cold.


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But the point is that the amazon price no longer exists and is unlikely to do so again! Those tv ads for madbid show people buying an iPad for a fiver but it doesn't make someone having it for a tenner a bad deal!!

End of the day Amazon was selling this for £50 cheaper a few days ago. Now that is a big difference. Also Lasky has no stock.



I doubt it! I hope I'm proven wrong but they had some in last week and … I doubt it! I hope I'm proven wrong but they had some in last week and they got snapped up at £180 in no time. Very doubtful that they'd price so much lower when they can shift stock so fast at the higher price.

Yes but they were selling them quickly at £179.99 before they reduced it to £129.99 so they might do it again, you never know, worth checking every so often IMO.
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Got this from amazon today

Dear Customer,

We wanted to give you an update on the status of your above referenced order.

We are writing to let you know that we have cancelled the following item:


Title: Sony HTAS5 5.1 Channel Satellite Speaker Surround Sound System

Unfortunately, this item is currently unavailable, and won't be back in stock
until February. For this reason we have had to cancel your order.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

If you wish to purchase this item when it becomes available, we expect to
receive further stock in February 2011. Please visit the website
again at this time and place a new order.

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Aw that sucks


Aw that sucks

Tell me about it!

Back in stock at £183.62

can you tell me where i can find the SONY HTAS5- for under £250

Ring round your local Sony centres. They sell them for £199. Won't be many left now though.
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