Sony HTCT350 3.1 Soundbar + Subwoofer - £267 [email protected] PRC Direct
Sony HTCT350 3.1 Soundbar + Subwoofer - £267 delivered@ PRC Direct

Sony HTCT350 3.1 Soundbar + Subwoofer - £267 [email protected] PRC Direct

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Sony HTCT350U Soundbar and Sub:

3.1 speaker bar home cinema system designed to match the BRAVIA Monolithic style, S-Force PRO, 400w Total Power.

Seems a good price, and gets decent reviews. Obviously not as good as a proper 5.1 system but good for those short on space or who don't want trailing speaker cable.

£267 delivered and in stock.


Original Poster

Are you voting on the product or the price? Can you find it cheaper???

I despair of this site sometimes I really do. If I see a pack of baked beans on here that is a good deal I don't vote cold cos I dont like them and I'm allergic to them!

To be honest it's no wonder now that people stop posting deals.

I hate it when I can't tell why people are voting hot or cold. Is this expensive or crap? Information is key. I have not voted either way as I do not know enough about the product. I do know that HI-FI fans can be a bit sniffy about sound bars but that is about as far as my knowledge goes.

Original Poster

So were voting on whether a product is crap now are we? How this site has changed!

So a pack of crappy cable ties for a penny goes to mega heat these days. I can tell you for a fact now that when I go to tescos later I will not find that product for love nor money. And yet people have voted it hot when they don't even know if it's in stock because they won't have even looked.

its a which best buy this product, and is pretty great at what it does, nice for those people who want to keep all the wires out the way and everything, its not an incredibly cheap price but if your interested in a sound bar it will do a great job and has loads of inputs on the back of the sub/amp

sony have now discontinued this model unfortunately though i am unsure why

theres two screw fitting on the back of the bar for anyone interested in wall mounting potentially

Well im grateful for the post, just the sort of thing I was looking for. Thank you. Voted hot BTW!

I really want one of these

Just called the Sony Center, they can do this (ex display but unused) for £280

Tried to order this via PRC, what a useless company. My credit card company authorised the payment they never claimend it. Now I have to ring the credit card company and get the money put back in my account. Never using them again, their website is amateurish and faulty.
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