Sony ICFC7IP Ipod Iphone radio alarm clock £39.97 @ Tesco Instore Only

Sony ICFC7IP Ipod Iphone radio alarm clock £39.97 @ Tesco Instore Only

Found 1st Jan 2009
Similar to a post by Ratfink 6 days ago that is now expired.
NOT currently available ONLINE!
Saw these today in Tesco Extra, Bedford, Cardington Road store.
Price £39.97 reduced by £30.
Currently £69.99 at Argos.

Wake to the sounds of your iPod® iPhone® or favourite radio show with this stylish Sony ICFC7IP clock radio with iPod dock. You can also charge your iPod® or iPhone® while it's docked and control the sound from anywhere in your room with the touch a button using the supplied remote. The built-in alarm functions are flexible to provide you with the best options available. Other features include a large LED display, a sliding docking tray for quick and easy connectivity and automatic time and daylight saving function which automatically sets the time on your clock.

Wake up to your favourite music and videos from an iPod or iPhone 3G dock and charge while you sleep
No Power, No Problem: If you lose power, your alarm buzzer will still go off on time
Full control of your iPod / iPhone 3G music and video menu functions via handy remote control
Convenient alarm functions to suit any lifestyle dual alarm, sleep timer and snooze button
Wake up to your favourite radio show with the FM / AM tuner
Full compatibility for media playback from your iPod / iPhone 3G with an 0.8W RMS output


Wow the inclusion of DAB makes this a great bargain.... nice find

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A larger image courtesy of Argos:

Just to make it clear as on Ratfink's thread - IT DOES NOT HAVE DAB.
It is talking about a digital PLL type tuner. This often causes confusion.
Sorry Johny Ireland1 - Removed DAB from the write up!

DAB is not on this product i bought one 2 days ago from tesco in denton


DAB is not on this product i bought one 2 days ago from tesco in denton

Hmm I was thinking it was a little too low to have all those features +DAB. :whistling:

anyone know if this works ok with ipod touch 1st gen

it does say on the tesco direct website it has DAB ive emailed them telling them its a mistake

yes works with my ipod touch first gen and iphone 3gs

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See the manual here:…pdf

Compatible iPod models:

iPod nano 4th generation (video)
iPod touch 2nd generation
iPhone 3G
iPod nano 3rd generation (video)
iPod touch
iPod classic
iPod 5th generation (video)
iPod nano 2nd generation
iPhone (aluminum)
iPod nano 1st generation
iPod 4th generation (color display)
iPod 4th generation
ipod mini

This would have been the perfect product at the perfect price if it had DAB

none in tesco serpentine green just looked :-(

I tried to order this via Tesco's website a few days ago, but was disappointed they were out of stock, so was pleasantly surprised to find these on the shelf at Tesco's store in Prescot (Merseyside) today! I grabbed one whilst I had the chance & I'm really pleased with it - as well as looking great ,it has some great that you don't need to set the time, it just automatically detects the date/time (so no need to change the time when the clocks go back/forward), plus the alarm settings allow you to set an alarm just for week days only, which is really useful if you like a lie in at the weekend. It's a resonable iPOD dock - no replacement for a top spec sound dock, but it is only for the bedroom after all & acts as a handy iphone charger (saves me having to plug in a standalone charger every time I want to charge my phone) :thumbsup:

Very pleased with this is exactly what i was after Thanks.

Found mine in store at Cradley Heath (Tesco Extra)
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