Sony KD-55XE9305 for £1372 @ Co-op Electrical with code PCT75

Sony KD-55XE9305 for £1372 @ Co-op Electrical with code PCT75

Found 28th Dec 2017
Sony has kicked 2017 off with a stunning top-tier 4K HDR TV which, as far as I can tell is still over £1400 everywhere.

The top-tier XE93 series has the same image processor found in the flagship ZD9 and upcoming OLED A1 ranges: X1 Extreme, which promises to deliver more accurate detail, stronger contrast and smoother colour gradation when displaying 4K and HDR pictures.

The XE93 uses a 10-bit VA Ultra HD 4K panel and includes the latest version of Sony's Slim Backlight Drive+ technology which works by using two rows of LEDs along the top and bottom of the panel and two light guide plates to create a grid. This not only results in an incredibly slim panel but also makes it easier for the TV to more accurately position the backlight where it needs to be and so deliver deeper blacks and brighter highlights. The XE93 also includes the X1 Extreme processor that was launched on the ZD9 last year. As such it will not only support High Dynamic Range in the form of HDR 10 but, thanks to a firmware update later in the year, Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Dolby Vision.

9/10 on AVFORUM...

Possible price match with JL & RS.
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Bloody hell. Nice price. Best LCD out there for now. But still. I can get used in same price range. It won't be so bright as LCD but contrast itself thanks to 100% black will be higher. So you need to decide if you are HDR lover or you just want great overall tv with badass black level.
JL won't price match as the code is not published on Coop's website (barmy policy).

RS might price match as there is a 5 year warranty which is almost equivalent to their 6 year guarantee.
How much more will this tv drop in price by around mid jan- the start of march 18 does anybody have any ideas? Would i be lucky to get it for another 100 less at most or is there a chance it will drop to around 1100 by march do you think?
I've been looking at this tv for a while now. I think when it was available for £1799...It's come down a bit in last few months to £1499 (At RS and JL), and JL also do a 0% finance option on this particular tv if you haven't got the available outlay in one go.
I'm still wary of splashing the cash on it, but thought I'd share the deal for others.

AVForums rave about this TV, however it is now in the realms of the LG OLEDs. I still don't know what to do Gone are the days when it was easy. When you could look at a TV, read up about it and purchase without the issues or regrets associated now, with so many TVs that do similar things but have such varied prices.

I have a PS4 Pro, Amazon Prime TV, Streaming box and a VM basic sub.
Currently have a 10yr old 720p samsung, so probably a £300 LG would be an improvement on my current TV
PCT75 had now expired, can still use VCP30 for £30 off.
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grumpyyoungishman12 h, 33 m ago

PCT75 had now expired, can still use VCP30 for £30 off.

PCT75 hasn't expired!
jimmythehill3 m ago

PCT75 hasn't expired!

Apologies, I tried it yesterday evening and it didn't work, saw this thread :…077 confirming it as expired as well
It appears to be still working for me.
No need to apologise buddy.
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