Sony KDL-37EX403U 37" LCD Full HD 1080p TV with free Sony Blu-Ray DVD player and one free Blu-Ray DVD £449.99 @ Bestbuy
Sony KDL-37EX403U 37" LCD Full HD 1080p TV with free Sony Blu-Ray DVD player and one free Blu-Ray DVD £449.99 @ Bestbuy

Sony KDL-37EX403U 37" LCD Full HD 1080p TV with free Sony Blu-Ray DVD player and one free Blu-Ray DVD £449.99 @ Bestbuy

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I don't think anyone has posted this but in the current booklet for Best Buy which is valid until December sometime this TV is on offer at £449.99 with a free Sony Blu-Ray DVD player worth around £180 but I'd say £100-£120 and choice of a free Blu-Ray DVD with also the VAT back as part of the promotion.

So if you take all of the above in to account the TV is actually working out less than £300. (VAT back and DVD player being worth £100-£120).

Personally I think that's a crazy deal.

At work at the moment but will upload image from the catologue once I'm home.

By the way anyone voting cold, I'd love for you to have the b*lls to state a reason and to ever in your history find this deal cheaper!

p.s. if you're a tad savvy, get Comet or Currys to price match it and with the refund of the 10% difference it could work out a lot cheaper than £449.99 for this package.


Great deal, I paid the same amount for the same TV on it's own.

Go on then, how do you get this deal - website doesn't show a free Blu Ray player???

The terms and conditions of the VAT back state 'purchases which form part of a package or bundle are excluded from the promotion' so be careful, they might not honour the VAT back.

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like i said guys i'll take a pic of the brochure and you'll see the deal says get the blu-ray dvd player for free and the tv qualifies for VAT back cus the advert for this deal on the brochure says get the VAT back so if you don't get the VAT back you sue Best Buy

Can confirm this deal is on the gift guide brochure... VAT back price (specifically listed on the brochure) £382.97

Sony BDP-S370 is going for £90 easily on ebay. A chart Blu ray of your choice... they have Alien Anthology in the chart which'll go for £30 easily. That gives you a 37" 1080p Freeview HD Sony TV for a stonking price of £270'ish.

Shame they have not got ANY in stock. Not in any store. Not in their warehouse... I just visited the Croydon branch and then called their customer services to confirm. The guy at the store said they got some earlier in the week and they all went very quickly. This is expired.

Shame, if this wasn't looking like a con on their behalf to get people to the store i'd have drove the 2 hour trip to get one at that price.
Good spot tho tdk2bu, maybe they'll sort it out :-/
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My sis got this package last Friday. Stonking deal for less than £400 after cashback. She got the Iron Man 1 & 2 Blu-Ray boxset as her freebie.

These tvs are showing as instick for home delivery now and although it's 180 miles from me there is one store with stock.
Anybody know if there'd be a way of getting a deal like this one while buying from them online , and also getting the vatback ?? Cheers.

Found the brochure online and even though the TV is listed on Page 11 with the deal as posted above, when you look for any other items that are on special the freebies are listed with them, whereas this one doesn't list any free items...So it could be bought online but looks like it was too good to be true.
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