Sony KDL-55W805C Smart 3D 55-inch Full HD TV - £699 - Amazon

Sony KDL-55W805C Smart 3D 55-inch Full HD TV - £699 - Amazon

Found 5th Nov 2016
Sony KDL-55W805C Smart 3D 55-inch Full HD TV

Some excellent reviews on the screen itself for this Full HD TV, with only the sound being a let down (isn't that always the case with these thinner displays nowadays?). Cheapest I've seen it without hitting ebay for 2nd hand sets.

So tempted to get this myself if I could warrant the cost vs the 48WD653 deals that have hit HUKD in the last couple of days...

One such glowing review:…iew

Worth noting that there aren't any 3D glasses included with this set, apparently. Bit stingey of Sony given the high price this had on release!
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These tend to have very low latency making them ideal for playing games
Actually looking for the power supply connector for the 50w809c version
i had this tv, got it from john lewis. it was amazing for games on the xb1 as it had very low input lag. but after 6 months the tv screen died. i told john lewis i didnt want another sony so i had a choice of what i wanted + £100 credit because they didnt offer me a loan tv set for the 3 weeks i had to wait.

it seems a lot of the 2016 sets have faults. the main issue's are faulty screen and second fault the tv turns off when it wants. !
Love our TV for gaming, think ours was £649 with Richer Sounds extended warranty. Highly recommended but we use it as a monitor for Sky HD, Xbox One and cast to it. Sound is not to shabby but when watching a movie put it through AV receiver and speakers.
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if it was £500 mark I wouldn't mind.

3D is dead
and for £700 you can get 4K set
like the other week at Argos... post here somewhere... Samsung KU6000 50inch was £450 after code!
so i'll give this one a miss... plus black friday is few weeks away!

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nah mate just nah!
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