Sony KDL32V4000U £299.95 or with year at home warranty) £329.90 @ Richer Sounds
Sony KDL32V4000U £299.95 or with year at home warranty) £329.90  @ Richer Sounds

Sony KDL32V4000U £299.95 or with year at home warranty) £329.90 @ Richer Sounds

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With its stunning contrast ratio of 30,000:1 the Sony KDL32V4000 offers a superb picture quality.

Thanks to the latest technology, this 32" Sony HD TV offers a picture more realistic than ever before from a TV of this class. With a raft of picture enhancing technologies from Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) to Auto Noise Reduction, the KDL32-v4000 offers crisp and precise images.

From the company that brought you Blu-ray, you can not only expect the best picture compatibility but also the right selection of sockets to connect it all up. Clearly, Sony understands HDTV, which is why this 32" Sony LCD features a trio of HDMI sockets. Two of the sockets are mounted at the rear of the TV, while the other is side-mounted for easy access - ideal for plugging in an HD camcorder. Thanks to a digital optical output, the KDL32-v4000 can be plugged into your home cinema system. This should give you the scale of sound from Freeview digital TV services to match the 32" HD screen. If you've no room for a separate home cinema system, then the built-in digital amplifier with the newly acquired BBE sound system does an adequate job of providing a spacious and clear sound quality.

With its smart piano black finish and famed style, the Sony KDL32V4000 provides a quality of design that's every bit a match for its performance.

For a 32" HD TV which matches performance with the style, the KDL32v4000 is well worth a look.


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I bought this tv from Amazon for £329.99 last month. This looks to be a better deal. Great TV but had to buy some Thor Scarts and play with settings to get a nice picture. :?

Currys will price match and give 10% differnce.
go currys and avoid the embarasibg rush.

People have waited 6am in morning, and have left with dissapointment, coz stock finish.

I would highly advise if people use currys, comet to price match as they also give free deliver

If richer sounds become out of stock u can't price match.
so for everyone to benefit plz go to currys or comet get them to price match


richer sounds never have any stock on stuff like this. U can never reserve anything either. Waste of time if u ask me. Good luck if u get one though!


I disagree. Picked up my 32 inch Samsung for £299 on Sunday from Kingston Richer sounds, no problem.

my local richer sounds (hanley) told me today they have no sony lcd's in, and dont expect any till new year. i would check the tv is in stock tomorrow and save yourself the trip. as others have pointed out on similar posts richer sounds are known to have had very low to no stock on sale tv's in the past.


I disagree. Picked up my 32 inch Samsung for £299 on Sunday from … I disagree. Picked up my 32 inch Samsung for £299 on Sunday from Kingston Richer sounds, no problem.

can i have more details on this please...????:thumbsup:


Take a look it's poster here:
Nice one

In my experience they advertise a sale item. I'll phone my nearest store and 99% of the time it's not there. In fact it was never on sale in that store but ''we do have one about 120 miles from your location Sir'' ''That's too far, can I order it and have it delivered'' ''No, it's in store only'' ''Can you have it delivered to my nearest store so I can pick up'' ''No''

So you see, I no longer get excited about RS Sales and I'll never forget going to one. It was like a rugby scrum, tin of sardines and not enough space, stock and staff.

Prices of tv

£349. = Marks and spencer with 5 year garuntee (ask them to price match Richer sounds to save more).
£329 = Dixons
£349 = Currys (they will price match and give 10% extra differnce)
£349 = Comet (they will price match)
£349 = Argos with
£329 = amazon with 3 year garuntee, you can get even cheaper pre-owned

£299 = Richer Sounds (this is the cheapest from everywhere use this store price for your pricematching from other stores like currys,comet,marks and spencer

i called up London bridge- they guy said they had 20 and he just sold last one at 2pm ALL sold out. Not getting anymore.

The DUMB people that went their to get it are PURE selfish. If they bought it from somewere else and got price match. Then loads of other people would have got it for simialr price of £299. If RS run out of stock we all cant price match then.

Their is comet, currys, marks and spencer who wil price match, plenty of stores people can buy from.

Please avoid buying from RS, so they dont go out of stuck.

On John Lewis website now for 299 plus 5 year warranty. Just cancelled my M&S order online and jumped ship:)

a good tv and great price
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