Sony KDL40EX503 £558 @

Sony KDL40EX503 £558 @

Found 26th Oct 2010
First post so hope I have done this right.
Been looking for new TV, seem a few different posts for the Sony 40EX503.
Not used this company before but gets mostly good reviews, any advice?
With 5 years D&G parts and labour TV warranty (inc In-Home repair) £17.99
Total inc Warranty £575.99


try putting some more information in the title such as the company etc, and add a picture if you can it will just get people more interested...

£25 more at sony centres with a free stand... get your 5yr guarantee, dunno what cheapelectricalsare like but id rather deal with highstreet tbh, think sony centres offers end tomoro though...

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Thanks for info on Sony Centre, not all centre's offer same deal, was at Nottingham on Monday for Dr Who live, they didn't have any extra's, will ring local shop in morning to see if they can do better ta
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