SONY KDL40EX703U LED TV, 100Hz , 1080p, Freeview HD, Wifi ready £704.00 @ Comet +3% quidco
SONY KDL40EX703U LED TV, 100Hz , 1080p, Freeview HD, Wifi ready £704.00 @ Comet +3% quidco

SONY KDL40EX703U LED TV, 100Hz , 1080p, Freeview HD, Wifi ready £704.00 @ Comet +3% quidco

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NEW FOR 2010 - Featuring Freeview HD which gives you access to the BBC HD Channel, ITV1HD, 4HD and S4CHD (Wales only) this Wi-Fi ready 1080 HD LCD TV features LED backlighting technology so you can experience enhanced colour intensity all in a thinner screen. With some of Sony's best technology including Motionflow 100Hz with Image Blur Reduction for smooth, sharp images in fast-moving scenes and BRAVIA ENGINE 3 for impressive detail. Freeview HD only available in selected areas. Please text your postcode followed by house number to 80560 to find out if Freeview HD is available in your area.

Price: £749.99 use voucher code AW6499 to bring it to £704.

It is the cheapest i could find for one of the best LED TV around.


3 % quidco too! H&R Added

Wifi! tv, what a good idea!!!!

great price!

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Order online or collect from stores.

damn it is good TV; should have waited for this!

Yeah i almost bought a samsung c6530 37 inch for £50 more the other day..... glad my card was declined at the time...

How does this tv compare to the lg 42le5300?

Great find

I've reserved one at my local store for tomorrow, want to see one in action first.

anyone got one of these? is it a good telly ?

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This TV is being sold by amazon for £967.97,


Why are people not voting hot for this?

Great deal.A visit to John lewis tommorow to see if they price match. The 5 year warranty would be the cherry on the cake.

Someone who has the 32" version not too impressed.

paid a lot of money for what is an expensive tv for a 32", sure this is … paid a lot of money for what is an expensive tv for a 32", sure this is small, light, looks good, solid build, but seems to fall short in what this was built for !! good quality picture, if you run a bluray through this it is simply sublime !! would be hard to beat, but use the built in freeview HD, and some channels are extremely poor quality even at 576i, if its a poorly recorded programme then this tv will show it up, and some what, but on the other hand the HD channels are excellent, i was also a bit baffled with this motionflow 100hz system, though this was one of the main reasons i purchased this, does it work ? hhhmmmmm cannot see much difference, my 3 year old phillips 50hz tv showed less blurring on terrestrial tv. my ps3 works a treat through this as well, of all the gripes im still unsure whether using a tv aerial is to cause, as im currently using an ixos rf lead and a top quality digital aerial which is supposed to be suitable, maybe this set really needs a sky or virgin hd box to make it better, only time will tell i suppose, in the meantime i will continue to alter settings to see if i can get any better, and update any reviews forthwith. UPDATE 05/06/2010 ....having tried this set now for approx 2 months, and changing various settings along the way, i have managed to improve the quality of tv broadcast, not vastly, but enough to think hang on a minute not that bad after all, but there is still the problems with poorly recorded tv programmes i.e. cbeebies ( which my kids adore ) itv3 itv2 and a few others but to mention, are like viewing through a fish tank !!!!, yet film 4, sky news, and a few others are excellent, yet they all appear at 576i, barring the hd channels which are 1080i and are superb. the motionflow is best left at standard, as switching to high simply distorts the images more, especially in fast moving scenes. wi-fi ready it is but unless your willing to pay in excess of £75 for the sony dongle, then best left alone as the content is rubbish apart from you tube, most of the viewing content is foreign !! i have tried various wifi dongles and none work, you have to use a sony uwa series as this has the built in processor for the tv !!, but you still have the option for wired option using a LAN lead from the computer to the rear of the tv

Is this available with the Sony trade-in deal in which case there is another £100 off to be had with this. I got the Sony KDL37ex503 (the sister LCD to the ex703) for £599 using this method. The trade-in deal takes ANY old TV (eg. the one sitting in the skip down the road from you).

Actually, i'll just correct what I previously said. I dont think you can use the trade-in discount of £100 with the voucher. So its a case of using one or the other. In this case the ex703 comes out at £649

is this edge lit led or full led?


Hasn't the Sony trade in deal now finished ?

How about getting JL to price match and then you get a 5 yr guarantee with it?



How about getting JL to price match and then you get a 5 yr guarantee … How about getting JL to price match and then you get a 5 yr guarantee with it? http://www.johnlewis.com/230887956/Product.aspx

I thought that myself but i don't think they will price match with the 5 yr gaurantee will they?
As comet only offer a 1 year guarantee!

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JL selling it for £999.99

Am i right in saying that John Lewis would only match the price of £749.99, and not the code discounted price ?

I've done the math's and buying from Comet including quidco would be £683.84, but i would only get 1 years guarantee. But i'd be covered under the sale of goods act for 6 years anyway, right?


How about getting JL to price match and then you get a 5 yr guarantee … How about getting JL to price match and then you get a 5 yr guarantee with it? http://www.johnlewis.com/230887956/Product.aspx


I've done the math's and buying from Comet including quidco would be … I've done the math's and buying from Comet including quidco would be £683.84, but i would only get 1 years guarantee. But i'd be covered under the sale of goods act for 6 years anyway, right?

JL tend to price match the listed retail price if it is in stock in a local store within x miles. If they agree to price match then they will include the 5 year guarantee. I would push for them to match the voucher price too.

Good luck claiming under the sale of goods act.


Wifi! tv, what a good idea!!!!

there is no wifi built in

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You will have to buy wifi dongle separately.

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I have ordered with comet, does anyone who is this tv is better than samsung series 7?

Had a look at this today with a full demo testing. Wasn't overly impressed with it. The picture was good but not breath taking and the sound was nothing special. I personally think the equivalent sharp and lg sets have more about them.

Hi all - I own this TV (paid 1k though). Just to let you know that the image quality is FANTASTIC. I compared in-store vs Samsung etc - vivid colours definately stood out. Wifi ready (need to connect via ethernet or wireless bridge). Sky HD looks amazing - received some great feedback from everyone.
Handy it incoporates the motion sensor so when you are away for five mins it turns the screen off (but keeps sound on) to save energy. Rigged the tv to sony speakers and PS3 for blu-ray - again, the blacks, sound etc are fab. I use a John Lewis black tv stand (meant for a 28" tv) and it works a treat.



As charvelj said, edge-lit, as the Sony's aren't getting great feedback on the sets, the EX503 CCFL lit one beats them for PQ.

I had this TV but sent it back. It's edge lit and has very poor backlight unifornity which causes dark spots on the screen. Have a look on av forums for information on this.

Heres a video of one in action.


But i'd be covered under the sale of goods act for 6 years anyway, right?

Not 100% sure on this if someone knows better, but in theory, yes you are covered if you can prove it was a manufacturing fault with the TV and that the TV should have lasted a 'reasonable length of time'. But you will have to get an independent repair service to put the fault writing and I would guess that Sony would argue their credentials unless you were sneaky and put it into a sony centre just for a quote
This process can take a while, a while without TV

This TV isn't that impressive compared to the EX503 series. Save money and get the EX503.

Didn't like this poorly lit TV. Out of the new Bravias I liked the 40HX703 from the cinematic range the best, so waiting for a good deal on that.

Just ordered this from Comet, excellent price for the top end EX range. Although my preffered choice would of been the same model in th HX range, but i've already pushed my price limit to the max as it is. Hopefully i won't be dissapointed with my choice.

Which report:
This chic 40-inch slimline LED looks expensive and has a price tag to match. But you'll get a lot for your money, including Best Buy picture quality and plenty of exciting features such as wireless internet connectivity, a built-in Freeview HD tuner and home network streaming. However, if you can live without the slim profile, the EX403 and EX503 LCD models deliver much the same performance for a lot less money.

The picture on this Sony is a triumph. Standard definition looks naturally soft and detailed, and though yellows are a bit pale and reds slightly weak, this doesn't detract too much from the overall effect. Freeview pictures benefit hugely from the soft finish - we liked the clean and natural texture. But it's high definition that's the crowning glory of this Bravia. The depth, texture and clarity of the picture are simply stunning, motion is silky smooth and colours are wonderfully bold.

However, all the plus points have to be taken with a pinch of salt. On some of our test sequences the picture faded badly when watched off-centre. This has long been the Achilles heel of Sony TVs and, while it shouldn't bother you if you've got the TV in a smallish room and watch head on, in a bigger room it will start to grate.

For a TV so slim, audio performance was a pleasant surprise. While it lacks depth and energy (flat and muffled would be a better description), the open sound is better than many rivals.

Ease of use is so-so. Sony has made some key changes for 2010, chief among them a new remote control design. Unfortunately, the new remote feels like a bit of a step backwards. We found the odd concave shape uncomfortable to hold and use, and the buttons felt spongy and lacked a definitive click when pressed. But since the buttons on the TV itself are awkward to use, you'll probably find yourself relying on the remote.

On the plus side, the EPG looks great - it's bold and crisp, easy to navigate and features a versatile picture-in-picture (you can watch the currently tuned channel in a small box while navigating the guide). Sony has improved its on-screen manual, too. You can activate it by a dedicated 'i-manual' button on the remote. It looks good, though we were disappointed not to see some of the extra detail found in the regular paper manual.

It's the norm for most Sony Bravia's to be crammed with all the latest features - and the EX range is no exception. Alongside the Freeview HD tuner you'll find a DNLA-enabled ethernet port for streaming media files, (such as music, photos and videos) from your PC. With the addition of a Sony wi-fi dongle (UWA-BR100) you can connect wirelessly to your network or the internet. It's a pity that it's sold separately for a pricey £70.

Whether you connect wirelessly or not, you don't get full internet access, but you do get to delve into a selection of tailored video services. Sony's Bravia Internet Video gives you access to several online video sources including Youtube and daily motion. You can also get movies streamed directly to the TV via a Lovefilm widget. Subscribers to the movie rental service can set up a video streaming service to go along side the regular DVD-through-the-post method of hiring films.

The service has enormous potential but, at the time of testing, we found the library of films available for streaming to be restricted to a handful of fairly old or obscure releases. Likewise, despite the sticker on the front of the TV, we were disappointed not to be able to access the Demand Five service (Channel Five's version of the BBC iPlayer).

Also available on the Sony website is a software plug-in for your PC called 'Send from PC to TV'. This allows you to send compatible internet video content from your computer to your TV, and control the playback from your computer (though it doesn't work with embedded video players such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer).

Of course, this Sony has all the regular TV features, too. You can connect the TV to a hi-fi or surround-sound system using the analogue stereo and digital optical outputs. It has a versatile headphone socket (its volume control is independent of the main speakers), four HDMI inputs for connecting HD devices, and two Scart sockets for standard-definition equipment, both of which support the highest-quality RGB video signal.

You can hook the TV up to your computer and use it as a monitor, using either the analogue VGA or digital HDMI input (both support full HD PC resolutions) and it has a USB port for connecting a camera, camcorder or MP3 player (so you can view photos, video or listen to music). The HDMI ports support Bravia Sync, which means the TV and any connected equipment (such as a Blu-ray player) can be controlled via one remote.

Sony has crammed the EX703 full of energy-saving features. The screen blanks when you're listening to digital radio and the TV uses less than 50 watts with the lights off and the efficient ambient light sensor switched on. It goes into standby if left idle for any period of time and a motion sensor will turn the screen off if it doesn't detect someone watching the TV (though you do get a warning message flash on-screen).

Unlike many TVs, it has a good old fashioned on/off switch, so when you switch it off you can rest assured that it isn't using any power. Basic power use is good compared with similar-sized LCD or plasma TVs - it uses just under 73 watts when switched on - but we've seen more efficient LED sets from Samsung and Sharp.

Pros: Natural and finely detailed picture, stunning high definition, stylish looks, Freeview HD tuner, lots of energy-saving features, superb connectivity

Cons: Awful viewing angles, wireless adaptor sold separately, new remote design feels uncomfortable to hold

Its now £1099.99.......Deal expired!
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