Sony KDL40NX713U - 40" LED 3D TV £699.99 @ PRC Direct instore
Sony KDL40NX713U - 40" LED 3D TV £699.99 @ PRC Direct instore

Sony KDL40NX713U - 40" LED 3D TV £699.99 @ PRC Direct instore

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This is currently showing as £1.2k on their site, however from Boxing Day in-store the Sony KDL40NX713U is up for £699.99. Also shows at that price if you Google the model number and look at the sponsored ads.

Amazing deal, so don't all rush at once because I'll be wanting one!

Next best price I could find was £799 at RGB Direct instore and then £899 at Comet online.



Wow! I think I might just bite at that price!

I think that may be the 703 NOT 713 (which is a 3D TV)

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I think that may be the 703 NOT 713 (which is a 3D TV)

It looks to be this TV: comet.co.uk/p/L…097

Actually it cld be the 713 - 40" (not 46" which I was looking at)


really tempting, only problem is I have no job and car insurance renewal coming up in a few weeks which will cost me £500+(my current insurar want £572, looking at confused.com etc still coming at at least £500. with a job would be £100 cheaper). then in march got a sevice+mot(which will be £100+) coming up as well so looking at several hundred pound sped in total over the next few months

prc would be like a 4hour round trip if I drove there, could get john lewis to price match(as it's an instore deal and not online) but as mentioned above I have several hundred pound spend on my car to look forward to in the new 3 months and no job at the moment.

Is it true? can you please give me the direct link please?



HiIs it true? can you please give me the direct link please?

direct link to? the john lewis price match?

just print off the prc home page with the instore sale advertised(with the price of the this tv being shown), take it to your local john lewis and ask for them to do the price match. the sales assistant there will give their price match department a call, you will then get a call back within a few days with a reference number. you then go instore, buy the tv and give the reference number to get your reduction on the tv.

online is showing as £1292.37.

Anyone got this?

Anyone tried for JL pricematch with this?

Answering my own question, yes, they will

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Do you mean you successfully got JL to price match, or that they will price match if in stock etc?

Succesful price match confirmed

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Well done, surprised you managed to get that one, had similar problems with a poster in another thread - PRC wouldn't confirm stock or reserve one, so didn't want to take the trip.

Any tips?

To rmg,

I have tried to get JL to price match but have been rejected, do you have a price match query ID number you were given or anything I can mention to them as I'm not too happy with their reason for rejecting it! (They are saying it's because their 5 year warranty is available online when PRC is only instore).


Spoken to PRC yesterday, they have no stock of this TV and according to the very dismissive sales representative are not likely too.. JL will not price match @699 for the reason that Steve144 states the warranty is only available in store.

I would be very surprised if anyone has managed to purchase at this price, please bark up and correct me if I'm wrong..

Happy New Year !

I do have a JL price match on this for the PRC price of 699.

I think others like fanoom also go it.

I guess they stopped offering it once they realised a way to avoid it. Also PRC now say limited stock, when I requested the match the website said in stock.

JL don't process price matches until item has been delivered. So I guess it could still be refused. Although of course I will raise merry hell if it is

I just need to source some glasses and an IR emitter now so I can see if the 3D is as bad as everyone on AVF says it is oO

Marks and spencers were selling the 3d package for about £250 - £275, can't remember exactly as a friend had to get one for his 46" version.

I ended up getting the last one PRC had....the ex-display one! They are selling the 3D transmitter for £50 and I think the glasses were about £90.

I sent quite a strong email to JL on thursday asking for an explanation why they would honour a price match in some cases but not others and asked for them to phone/email me on Friday.....so far not even an aknowledgement of my email. I'm not sure if JL understand what customer service is!

I rang up PRC yesterday evening, they told me they had a their last few left so im awake now about to start my journey to get down there and buy myself one! ;-)

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