Sony KDL40U2000U 40in HD Ready Digital FreeView and Analogue LCD TV £904.94 Delivered!

Sony KDL40U2000U 40in HD Ready Digital FreeView and Analogue LCD TV £904.94 Delivered!

£899.99Argos Deals
Found 23rd Dec 2006
Prepare to grab one of these Sony Bravia 40" LCD TV's when they're put on-sale Christmas Day until 2nd January 2007 then it goes up by £100 until 19th January... They'll be reduced to just £899.99 with £4.95 for delivery and are sure to go fast... If you need a decent stand for it that matches the TV perfectly, check out the Sona in the Argos section of HotUKDeals now for around £90

Television Picture Quality: High Definition Ready # Integrated digital (freeview) # 40in (101.6cm) TV with 101.6cm visible screen size # Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels # Brightness 420cd/m2 # Contrast ratio 1300:1.

Connectivity: HDMI socket # 2 SCART sockets # PC input socket # Headphone socket.

Sound Quality: Dolby Virtual BBE ViVA sound system # 2 x 10w RMS power output.

Freeview Features: Digitally interactive # Digital text # Auto setup # Auto scan for new channels # 7 day electronic programme guide (EPG) # Not Top up TV compatible

Additional Features: Teletext # Fastext # UHF and VHF tuner # Auto setup # Auto search tuner # Auto search sorting # Auto search labelling # Sleep timer # Child lock (digital only) # NTSC compatible # Remote control requires 2 x AA batteries (supplied) # Complete with tabletop stand # Size of TV (H)65.3, (W)98.8, (D)12.8cm # Size of TV with stand (H)68.7, (W)98.8, (D)27cm # Weight of TV 21kg # Weight of stand 3kg # Suitable for wall mounting (brackets not supplied).
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thats awsome m8 my m8 just paid 1249.96 from direct tvs lol ill just send him a tex telling him the good news
How do these compare to the Samsung 40inch Lcd tvs?

is this a sgood as it gets on this size of tv in the Jan Sales does anyone know?

These U series are the lowest priced model Sony Bravia's at the moment. But they're very good quality all round.

The digital freeview tuner is excellent if you know you can receive a good signal. It also has an analogue tuner.

The viewing angle is spot on too at 178 degrees. Response time is 8ms, contrast ratio is very high at 1300:1, brightness is also very good.

If using a PC through the VGA connection, image is great too.

Also has an HDMI connection for High Definition input.

Lots more features too.
[COLOR=darkred]Manufacturer's Description[/COLOR]

The experience like no other, just got even better.
BRAVIA is fast becoming synonymous with a quality of colour and a clarity of detail that no comparable LCD TV can match - a picture so good it enhances the viewing experience, no matter what you like to watch. With the incredibly successful launch of BRAVIA, the new Sony FTV and 3LCD range is ready to take the market by storm with its new model launches. The new entry model U-Series features high resolution image processors, integrated digital tuner and is HD ready with HDMI input.[/LEFT]

HD Ready. So you can experience High Definition on our BRAVIA range.
BRAVIA U-Series large screen televisions are High Definition (HD) ready. The HD signal will contain nearly five times the information of a conventional signal and bring even more lifelike imagery to your favourite programmes and movies.


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HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
This is a high-bandwidth video connection that carries digitized RGB picture information and can support copy-protection methods. The HDMI specification allows for the presentation device and display device to agree on an optimal picture size and resolution to ensure the highest quality picture automatically. The multi-pin HDMI interface transfers uncompressed digital video with copy protection and multichannel audio. Using an adapter, HDMI is backward-compatible with most current DVI connections.
And with HDMI™ your BRAVIA LCD TV can be linked to other future HD sources, such as Blu-Ray players, next generation games consoles and HD camcorders.
Wow this is a fantastic find? Please forgive me, but how do you know that it will be £899 in the sale?
only 1080i though:( im looking for a 1080p 1920*1080 like the goodmans that was posted 1 month ago. no point buying a tv with old technology!

Wow this is a fantastic find? Please forgive me, but how do you know that … Wow this is a fantastic find? Please forgive me, but how do you know that it will be £899 in the sale?

I have it on their sale brochure :santa:
Thank you! I thought i was missing something on their site!! Will have to pick a brochure up tomorrow.
The sale starts on Christmas Day so they should be online then at this price :santa:
That's a nice price Ray. Told the big sis about it as she's been keeping my eyes out for a good one. (!)
I think this goes up by £100 after the 2nd January 2007 until 19th January 2007
umm why get 40" when you can get 50" cheaper??…%7D

879 including delivery with stand??? or am i missing something simple here?
I think that's a DLP LCD rear projection model
the picture quality of this tv though the 50" one is unreal and tbh i would personally buy the 50" over the 40" television esp considering it is cheaper and has nearly/(if not) all the same specs although i havent checked tbh.

only 1080i though:( im looking for a 1080p 1920*1080 like the goodmans … only 1080i though:( im looking for a 1080p 1920*1080 like the goodmans that was posted 1 month ago. no point buying a tv with old technology!

What is the differance between an I and a P - I don't know an awful lot about TV's.

I've always had Sony and that's the way I wany to continue and at £899 I think it would be a good deal - or is it worth waiting for a P model?

interlacing = I ( means every other line is filled in )

progressive = P ( believe it means it fills in every line )

although not too clued up myself
AH sounds fair enough - thanks
another difference is the resolution too, if you hook a 1080i up to your computer you will get 1024*768. with a 1080p you will get 1920*1080. its alot better, but currently alot more expensive, wait 6 months for a 1080p tv with hdmi 1.3 (higher bandwidth and has far more colours, so blacks will be much darker).

or if your rich buy 1 of these now, will cost a bomb though.
Rather strangely I cannot actually find anything much about this TV on Sony's official websites or on the net in general. It is labelled here as 'KDL40U2000U' but I can only find V X and W versions on the official website.

sony changes the end letters and configuration of the version number depending on what it is bundled with ie with stand without stand etc, i think thats whats causing you confusion.
V is a much higher resolution display than the U
Nailez, thanks for the reply. Yes, so I understand the final letter (U in our case) stands for United Kingdom - but I cannot find any mention of the TV on Sony's own website, even without the final U letter...
Sale prices now displayed on their website :santa:
By the way, I think these come with a full first year's accidental damage cover too :santa: Please confirm this if anyone has one :santa: Thanks
Price goes up by £100 on the 2nd January so you might want to reserve one now if you're interested...
only available for delivery now I think

I think that's a DLP LCD rear projection model

is that a bad thing????
was thinking the same cos if its not and its ok this seems like best tv for price I have seen on here.

Just shame not with a retailer like John Lewis to add a nice 5 year warranty then it would be amazing, although I admitingly know nothing about these types of tv :oops:

Rear projection TV's nowadays are good quality compared to the early rear projection teles which suffered from 'burn in'.

BURN IN is when an image litrely burns onto the screen when the TV picture is static for too long.

The new 3LCD are rear projection teles but i strongly advise that you only buy one of these TV's if you are not a heavy TV user. ie roughly 1-3 hours a day, this is because these teles also suffer from burn in but not as much as the older models.

I have also heard that some of the first plasma scrrens released also suffer from burn in due to the imense heat generated by the screen itself.

One more thing... the quality of these screens ar good but usually they have a really poor viewing angle! ie when watching from below the TV itself the picture will look really dark sort of like a laptop screen.
Hope this helps.
noticed comet sell SONY KDF50E2010ATNS also for £898 just dont get a glass stand.

So does this mean that this tv is not so good for heavy use compared to the 40 inch sony in argos for 899?

Thx happy new years

just read this

All the fuss over flat-screen TV has taken the limelight away from the humble rear-projection television. Rear-pro's physical similarity to the CRT TVs of old mean it's less attractive than its plasma and LCD contemporaries, but rear-pro is still the best way of getting a huge screen at an affordable price. The high contrast and cinematic picture quality mean that these TVs are perfect for movie lovers

More info would be appreciated but going to try and look :-)

i may to, thanks
Last day at this price...

i have not seen a U model, i could not find it anywhere to look at. however the other models of the 40" one (S and V?) Look outstanding.

However, we went for a Panasonic Plasma in the end.

rear projection arent as popular because they look awful compared to lcd and plasma and can still be quite big.
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