Sony KDL40W2000U 40" 1080p LCD - What HiFi 2006 product of year @ £809.99

Sony KDL40W2000U 40" 1080p LCD - What HiFi 2006 product of year @ £809.99

Found 20th Nov 2007
40" W-series BRAVIA LCDTV
Integrated digital tuner (also receives analogue)
Supports 1080p signals
1920x1080 resolution
HD Ready
8000:1 contrast ratio
SRS Trusurround XT with BBEdigital
PC input
1 Year Parts Guarantee/1 Year Labour Guarantee

FREE Delivery - Use the 10% EmpireDirect code posted here for this price.

Recommended: Add £19.99 for XtraCard to get 3 year warranty - that's a CHEAP warranty!

I own this TV, it is fab! What HiFi Sound & Vision product of the year 2006... there are some newer models out now in Sony range but this is still alot of TV for the money. I paid around £1400 12 months ago.

Also: Don;t forget 2% QuidCo
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Why is this voted cold? My friend has it and it is an excellent TV. I was just about to order one from Digital Direct for more than this price. Is the problem with Empire?

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Don't ask me, with Quidco this is around £794 for a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel)40" TV.

I've had stuff from Empire Direct before, no problems at all. Also cancelled orders and had full refund no probs.

reading the net forums their seems to be a common bicklight bleed problem with the W series by sony.. shame cos its a excellent price

This is a great buy at about £800 and is a current model too.

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Re: backlight bleed. I looked into this at the time I bought. It was an issue in early models, and it was said that it was caused by laying the LCD down in the wrong position for a long period. i.e. I think it has be be transported/stored vertically, not horizontally.

I think suppliers and couriers are much more aware of how to handle lcd & plasma screens now, so it shouldn't be an issue. I certainly had not problems.

I used to read the AVforums avidly, but there are so many conflicting viewpoints from "experts" on what is best lcd vs plasma, Sony vs Panasonic vs Pioneer - everyone has a story to tell on the quirks of their TV/device... you end up getting even more confused.

Unless your an absolute home cinema guru do a bit of research, read the reviews (professional and independent) - then go with your gut I say.

How can people have voted this cold, this is an excellent deal.
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