Sony KDL46W2000U 46" Widescreen Bravia HD 1080P LCD TV With Freeview £1830 Delivered!

Sony KDL46W2000U 46" Widescreen Bravia HD 1080P LCD TV With Freeview £1830 Delivered!

Found 17th Mar 2007
Lowest price for this Sony KDL46W2000U 46" Widescreen Bravia HD 1080P LCD TV With Freeview at £1829.98 Delivered!

Features: Bravia Engine # SRS Trusurround XT with BBE Digital # Live Colour Creation # Supports 1080p signals # Dynamic Contrast Ratio 8000:1 # Fast 8ms response time for smoother motion # Super Wide 178 degrees viewing angle # High Performance LCD panel # HD Ready with 2 HDMI sockets # PIP Freeze to Pause Important Scenes on the Spot # High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) # 46" W-series BRAVIA LCD TV # WCG-CCFL Backlight # Digital Audio Amplifier # PC Input for use as a PC monitor # 1920x1080 resolution LCD panel # BBE technology for clear and easily audible sound # Non-Reflective coating on TV frames # Integrated Digital TV Tuner (also receives analogue)


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[COLOR=darkred]Manufacturer's Description[/COLOR]
Introducing the new Sony Bravia KDL46W2000U 40" LCD TV - Features Bravia V-Series styling in conjunction with a full HD resolution 1920x1080 LCD panel.Featuring twin tuners - both analogue and Freeview digital - 1920 x 1080 resolution and two HDMI inputs, the Sony is as well specified as anything on test.
Then get it into action, and the real fun starts. The off-air picture from the analogue tuner is the first to make a good impression: more solid and clear than most rivals, it presents a fine balance of stability and vivid colours. And the digital TV picture is even better.

[COLOR=darkred]Box Contents[/COLOR]

Remote Control
Table-Top Stand
AC Cable
Coax Cable
Operating Instructions

Very nice Tv that, now i just have to wait a few months for the price to drop and i'll bag one of those

Is this a hot deal??:?

Sony Bravia, 46" and 1080p - if youre looking for something like this - yes its hot!

well it would certainly burn a hole in my bank balance

why would you want to pay this insane money for a telly?


why would you want to pay this insane money for a telly?

thats cheap, i paid £2700 for my superior 36" WS panasonic crt tube 6 years back at the time was thinking of paying £10,000 for the 1st plasma generation even hehe, mind you my surround setup is like over £12,000 so monitor is very important for quality to me, be a while yet before i buy a lcd/plasma until they get to crt quality for me, i just wish they done a HDTV in a crt tube but would be massive i know.

Worth baring in mind is that the Sony U series is the budget range and doesn't produce a great picture. A read on AV Forums is well worth it.

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Thanks for the feedback all The 46W series isn't the same as the U series


if i was to get a HDTV lcd i think i would go for the sony range thou, but i like the new sharp lcd but its £14,000 hehe

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£14,000 Hehe

I bought this tv before christmas last year and paid £2,000 for it which in my opinion was well worth it as the HD picture is crystal clear, good find!

All this talk of you guys spending £1000s makes me feel less guilty about me buying my £549 Samsung R73 (32"). Would love one of these big boys, but its not anywhere near my budget. Great deal though if you have the money


why would you want to pay this insane money for a telly?


Thank rayman, nice to see a leading brand hear. It's an excellent set. :thumbsup:

There is so much electrical crap TVs advertised on HUKD. It's sad that so many buy on price only with no regard for quality. I think the build quality of sony products is extremely high and in most cases justifies the extra cost.

In fairness some can't see or hear the difference.

Can you get a 5 year guarantee with amazon, and do any guarantees include dead pixels......:whistling:

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Not as far as I know but if you can get JohnLewis to pricematch [not sure they do], they would include a 5 year warranty I think.

John Lewis will not pricematch an internet site, however, if they have a store for example sound and vision, prcdirect, rgbdirect etc then they will price match their instore price and receive the 5 yr parts and labour warranty.

More information on John Lewis Pricematch policy ]HERE

Sometimes you have to be persistant as they do not seem to be cinsistent in price matching! This has been my experience.

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Thanks for the extra info meraip
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