Sony MDR-100ABNB Wireless headphones with Digital Noise Cancellation 154.98 Co Op Electricals

Sony MDR-100ABNB Wireless headphones with Digital Noise Cancellation 154.98 Co Op Electricals

Found 24th Nov 2016
Hope this helps someone in the market for these phones?

Great price, currently 199.99 with most retailers, think its a great price at 149.99 plus 4.99 postage. Great reviews too considerably cheaper than there bigger brother the MDR-1000X

Product Info:

With its distinctive design, one-touch connectivity, dynamic range of sound and cable-free option, the h.ear on Wireless Over-Ear Headphones will allow you to fall into a euphoric state of mind with your music, whilst enjoying a comfortable wear.

Digital Noise Cancelling Technology

The impressive shape of the h.ear on Wireless Over-Ear Headphones prevents noise distraction from spilling into your music, allowing you to become completely submerged in the music. Digital Noise Cancelling blocks out any background noise using the two microphones built into the headphones by working simultaneously, one inside the can and one outside, to shut out any noise that would disrupt your listening experience.

AI Noise Cancelling

When using headphones on the move, the ambience surrounding you frequently alters, Automatic AI Noise Cancelling smartly recognises this, automatically selecting the most effective mode required to prevent new noise from bleeding into your track.

High-Resolution Audio

Gain greater dynamism from your music collection with High-Resolution Audio. Increasing both audio samples per second, and the bit-rate accuracy of each sample, gives great assurance that your music is heard at the same studio quality that was intended by the studio engineer.

High Quality Wireless Listening

Stream and listen to your songs in the same studio quality that they were produced at with LDAC. Transmitting High-Resolution Audio at the maximum transfer rate of 990kbps, LDAC gives you a substantial wireless listening experience by supporting your wireless environment.

Beat Response Control

Dampening boomy bass is a thing of the past thanks to the abilities of Beat Response Control. The movement on the diaphragm is boosted whilst the air flow is strictly controlled, preventing a thick sound, yet promoting a punchy and accurate bass sound. Beat Response Control breathes new life into bass lines, especially for EDM, Hip-Hop and House tracks.

Dynamic Drivers

Low frequencies are powerful and weighty in their delivery, whilst high ranges are conveyed with more emphasis and impact, offering a broader range of dynamics thanks to the 40mm High-Resolution compatible HD driver units.

Quick & Efficient Connectivity

Enjoy the benefit of restricted listening and lose the cables with NFC One-Touch connectivity. Using Near Field Communication and Bluetooth, the headphones are able to simply connect to your device with the touch of a screen and no cables in sight.

In-line Microphone

Take and conduct phone calls with greater clarity using the built-in microphone and HD voice support.

Secure Protection

Prevent objects from scratching or denting the surface of the cans by storing in this carrying case whenever you are not using them.


Thanks, sold out in black but other colours are available.

Why on earth was this voted cold? Gutted I missed this

Original Poster


Why on earth was this voted cold? Gutted I missed this

Pass cant understand myself, shame you missed out they are cracking headphones! Mine arrived day after ordering
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