Sony MDR-EX35 Mini-Bud Earphones - £9.99 @ HMV
Sony MDR-EX35 Mini-Bud Earphones - £9.99 @ HMV

Sony MDR-EX35 Mini-Bud Earphones - £9.99 @ HMV

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Not a bad price! They're £17.50 on Play.com, £14.97 at Tesco Direct etc.

Plus possible 5% cashback on Quidco.

- Powerful sound entry EX headphone
-Superb sonic performance with deep bass
-Convenient cord adjuster and cord slider to prevent tangling
-9mm driver unit for a wide dynamic range
-400kJ/m3 high-power neodymium magnet
-Frequency response: 6 - 23,000 Hz



Good price, sound is ok, but a few pounds more gets you much better quality. They are the only in-ear headphones around this price that I own that haven't broken within six months. Heat added.

*edit* "a few pounds" is more like double X) it's been a while since I bought my Sennheiser CX 300-II, lol.
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got them when they were a fiver - hotukdeals.com/dea…137

They are decent and probs still worth a tenner imo.

Looks like a fair price.

Anythings better than cx300's


Looks like a fair price. Anythings better than cx300's

Don't buy fakes

sony - check
decent specs - check
decent discount - check
value for money - check
heat added - check


Avoid HMV , they'll just screw you over!!

Headphones? From HMV? Are you having a giraffe? X)

Is this offer instore as well?


sony - checkdecent specs - checkdecent discount - checkvalue for money - … sony - checkdecent specs - checkdecent discount - checkvalue for money - checkheat added - check

How do Yanks spell cheque? - check.

Original Poster


Is this offer instore as well?

not sure pal - i've only looked online!

Don't bother you will be receiving a generic email shorty

hard to justify when it was £5 before ..

I bought a pair of these last year and personally I think they're rubbish.

These ones on amazon are far better and the best you can buy for the money IMHO (they're also half price!). The bass in particular is superb, and they are very comfortable to wear.


I'm on my third pair of those now- I bought my first pair about 7 years ago so thats how good they are if they're still making them! I pity anybody i see on the train with crappy tinny white ipod earphones on. If only they knew how good their music could sound...

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Often under 10 from Play or Amzon,

but the MDR-EX75/76 is the one to get.. (got it for £9.99 last time it was on play)
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EP630's are better, I have both, along with CX300 II and IE8's.



How do Yanks spell cheque? - check.

"Yanks" spell "cheque" as "check" - as in the thing you write money on...

A 'checklist' - the thing he's making - would be 'check' everywhere tho!?

Nice price for these - I had a set until earlier this week when they were eaten by my ever-chewing dog. Today I received a set of CX500s sourced through Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon - so I can return em if they're fakes) and after spending a good while checking that the packaging was kosher, I just plugged-em in and they're head, shoulders, **** and elbow better than the Sonys - and they were £11.99 which isn't much more (and I pay it anyday).

As ever, YMMV - things like earbud fit are a particular problem for some folks (I found the Sony came with 3 sizes - far too small, too small and too big wheras these Senns have 3 sizes and 2 designs which makes them more likely to work for you perhaps??)

i have the sony ex-082http://thumbs4.ebaystatic.com/m/mfNz_c5z8cdBNdbQZulV-pg/140.jpg

I have yet to find a better sound and I listen to heavy dance(bass and treble)

get originals off ebay for about a fiver

p.s. most off the earphones off ebay are probably fakes but... for some reason not these which I believe is because they are bundled with sony mp3 players that are made over there.

yes they are from hong kong/china and no they are not fakes.

I have tested them against the original set that came with my sony mp3

there still £5
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