Sony MDR-EX71SL In-Ear headphones, £17.99 delivered at

Sony MDR-EX71SL In-Ear headphones, £17.99 delivered at

Found 15th Sep 2007
I've been looking round for some better phones than the stock, these seem to be well recommended and the price is far better than any I've seen on the comparison sites. Also in white at the same price.

"Powerful Fontopia headphones, complete with earphone holder, case and extension cord."



these is a big thread about these already the search button is your friend!

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I did search, it just turned up a s/h sale recently. Sorry if it's a repeat, but I still can't find an original. :?


My apologies Cpemma I think they maybe a different model Sony headphones

Are these better than the Sennheiser CX300's which are around the same price ?

I like the sound of these earphones. But I've had four sets. They break easily, and on the more recent versions of these, the cable that goes behind the ears is very poorly made. The rubber quickly breaks, leaving unexposed cable in direct contact with skin.

For this reason, this is voted cold - nice enough price, very poor durability of product. The CX300s don't sound quite as good, but they'll last more than a few weeks.

I have a pair of these in white and they're just fine. The cable tends to turn grey and it's in 2 pieces with an in-line connector. the short length is too short and with the extension piece it's too long!
The sound is pretty good though and they're excellent for flights as they do block out ambient noise well once properly sealed in the ear.
Voted HOT as I paid £30 for mine 2 years ago!

I've had several sets of these. Superb 'phones.

i have had both and feel the cx300 is far better. The cable is lighter with no plugs on it also there Is distinctive sound with the cx300's. I'd go for the senn any day of the week!


Are these better than the Sennheiser CX300's which are around the same … Are these better than the Sennheiser CX300's which are around the same price ?

Different, not better. The Sony's are much more bottom endy with a lack of mid-range. If you like thumping subwoofers in your car then these are the headphones for you.

The Senns are have a more balanced sounds (still with good bass extension). Only downsides are the long cord (the sony has a detachable extension which you can removed say for use with an iPod remote) and a slightly less comfortable fit.

I've got a pair of these and no issue with them at all.

Extension is a god send as my MP3 player has its own remote on the end of a wire, so adding an extra 1m is not very tidy with normal headphones.

Good for the price and voted hot, but if you look around a certain auction site, then you can pick up a genuine pair for £12-£14 (icn P&P)

these are some quality headphones

I've had both the Sony's and the Sennheiser's.

I use the Sony's for MP3's on my PDA because I find they give a much more natural and open sound. But they do feel a little delicate. You really need to look after them.

I bought the Sennheisers for my PSP because they were cheap at the time. I find them a little 'tinny' for me, but great for games.

I prefer the Sony's, but it really comes down to your own taste.

I bought some EX90's recently.. about 4x the price of these, and no better to my ears. EX71's have bass.. EX90's do not. I've had both and this is my experience.

I love these earphones. I've had a pair for 2 years.. Survived going through the washing machine 3 times! (you'd think I'd learn) Finally died in one ear and I bought another set about a year ago.

Personally I think these give the best in-ear bass performance of any earphone Ive tried, plus they are exceptionally comfortable. HIGHLY recommended and good price too (I think I paid £30 and then £22 before)
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