Sony MDR RF4000 Wireless Headphones £44.99 @ Play. Com £30 cheaper than elsewhere.

Sony MDR RF4000 Wireless Headphones £44.99 @ Play. Com £30 cheaper than elsewhere.

Found 27th Dec 2010
I know these won't be everybodys cup of tea,but they seem like a good price,should you be after a pair of wireless headphones.

40mm driver: Hi-Fi quality digital sound for home, with powerful 40mm Neodymium driver unit and long stroke diaphragm for deep clear bass
Digital RF: Digital Radio Frequency transmission technology with no interference and 30m listening range
Cordless style: Closed type headphones with wireless connectivity and built-in volume control for the ultimate freedom to listen around the house
Easy set up: Tune and go: Automatic tuning and on/off switch, plus comes with all the cables you need to plug into your TV
Smart charging: Stylish new charge and store dock matches any TV design: Headphones swivel flat and slide into case for easy recharging
Lightweight and long-lasting comfort: Weighing just 220g and designed for long-lasting wearing comfort with parallel-link self-adjusting headband plus padded circum-aural ear cushions
Long battery life: Battery playback time of up to 28 hrs with AAA Alkaline battery - 13 hrs with rechargeable NihM battery
Main Specifications:
Closed Type: YES
Dynamic Type: YES
Wearing style: Circum aural
Driver unit (mm): 40
Tuning: Automatic
Frequency response (Hz): 12 - 22,000
Magnet: Ferrite
Power ON indicator: YES
ON/OFF function: Automatic
Mute function: Automatic
Diaphragm: Long stroke
Volume control: YES
Battery number: 2
Battery type - normal: AAA
Battery type - rechargeable: NiMH
Battery life - normal (h): 10
Battery life - rechargeable battery (h): 7
Recharging time - from 0 to full (h): 16


Thanks,,. Exactly what I was after!

Hey hey! I've been looking for some cordless digital headphones for ages. These go for around £100 on Amazon, so this seems like a great deal. Fingers crossed the sound quality is as good as the reviews suggest.

Really tempted by these but don't seem to have found many reviews of them (other than Amazon) by the hi-fi brigade and both Sony Centres nearby don't stock them.

Very tempted though .....

Took the plunge so we shall see if they are any good. Will report back ...

Dammit ...£42.99 now lol

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Dammit ...£42.99 now lol

LOL. Mine arrived and I'm pleased.

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£47.99 now! That should make you feel a bit better!


£47.99 now! That should make you feel a bit better!

I ordered at £44.99 on 30 Dec and they were posted 31st .... still waiting for mine ... with courier apparently. :-/

How is the sound quality Brownbox? Especially listening to music.
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I not really an expert. They sound fine and the base is also fine. I'm using it for my PS3. I did listen to some music and again'you guessed it,there fine. I'm sure you will be happy,I am.

Thanks for the review! Looks like they'll be fine then :-)

Looks a good deal

Really interested in getting these, just wanted to know about the noise isolation on these? Also are they really big, don't want to look funky while wearing them outside connected to my phone.

Anyone got these can answer the above questions?

You couldn't wear these outside attached to your phone. They are full size headphones, and the transmitter unit would require to be plugged into the mains.

They are however *excellent* for use inside as i have described.

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I'll secong the above comment.
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