Sony MDR-V150 Headphones - £9 at Tesco Direct (Free C&C)

Sony MDR-V150 Headphones - £9 at Tesco Direct (Free C&C)

Found 7th Dec 2016
Same price at Amazon. Reduced from £14. Good customer reviews.

The reversible earcups of the Sony MDR-0V150 Pro overhead headphones make DJ monitoring and single-sided listening simple, with a 30mm driver unit producing high-quality sound. A 2m cord is included to offer flexibility and freedom while listening.
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Nice find
Thanks op!
Nice one!
pay 11.87 and get foldable ones they better for traveling to be honest. However these are good
Nice find amongst the mayhem
looks like amazon have price matched
This brings back horrible memories of buying a similar pair in Littlewoods Woolwich back around 2000 only to find someone, probably a staff member, had swapped them out with a cheap used pair. Manager looked at me like I was trying to pull a fast one and wouldn't take them back. For a while I couldn't leave a shop without checking the box there and then.
Thx just ordered damn flame deers made me buy
Good phones, BUT. I use these for DJing and the double cord is annoying; furthermore they're awful for travel, it doesn't unplug at the phones end, and the "reversible" earcups are useless as such. Ignore the dribbling rhetoric of the marketing boobs.

Get some folding ones and spend a bit more money if you can - that said these are very very good indeed for the price, they are loud and have great sound and are well made, just have a few gripes with the design.

Had mine for 4 years, no issues thus far with wear and tear to speak of, with limited use.
Great value
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