Sony MDR XD200 Hi-Fi Headphones was £24.99 now £13.99 delivered at Play & Amazon.

Sony MDR XD200 Hi-Fi Headphones was £24.99 now £13.99 delivered at Play & Amazon.

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These have really good reviews.


40mm driver unit (Long Stroke)
Capable of producing movie quality sound (Dynamic range sound)
Sound mode switch to match the sound source
Comfortable fit with urethane leather ear pads
Cord: Oxygen-Free Copper Litz
Headphone Type: Closed, Dynamic, Urethane Leather material
Design: Over-the-head, Home-music/movie/games
Headband: Adjustable, Single, Music/Movie Sound Mode Switch
Plug: Gold-plated, straight stereo Unimatch plug

Experience the comfortable fit of the MDR-XD200 Studio Monitor Series headphones. Dynamically tuned to provide movie quality sounds, these headphones will provide you with deep bass audio for a great listening experience. Tailor the headband to fit you comfortably. Features include high-energy neodymium magnets, a 2.5m extension cord and a convenient sound mode switch to match the sound source. Listen in style and comfort with the MDR-XD200 Studio Monitor Series headphones.


Are these any good? Im in the market for some stylish and good noise cancelling headphones which has good sound

It wasn't £24.99 it was £[email protected] and it is too much on your head and too long wires,very uncomfortable to use for me but I don't know about others!!!

These are excellent. Had them for a year, dropped them loads, tugged the wire too often and yet it is still in perfect condition. Comfortable, too. Sound quality is great IMO.

Music/Movie Sound Mode Switch

Ignore that bit though ^

It sounds the same !

good for the money! i think i saw them cheaper recently 9,99 but i can't for the life of me remember where.


good for the money! i think i saw them cheaper recently 9,99 but i can't … good for the money! i think i saw them cheaper recently 9,99 but i can't for the life of me remember where.

Been this price at Play previously…560
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Great sound and quite sturdy. Agree that the two sound modes aren't really that different. They can get quite uncomfortable after a while but guess it depends on the shape of your head!
Good price.

I wouldn't recommend them, they're huge, feel flimsy and the sound quality is pretty bad, they're also very loud for people in the room with you.

The sound that escapes from these is shocking. For £14 they are alright....they were never £25 mind.

These only sound slightly better than the generic 'phones you get bundled with an mp3 player.
I bought a pair when I forgot to pack my usual ones on an overnight trip and wished I hadn't wasted my money. For such a large pair of headphones they produce such a small sound.
The only thing I could see them being useful for is listening to the tv as they have quite a long cord.
Save up and get a pair of iGrados or Sennheiser HD515s for around £40 and give your ears a treat.

I bought these from Amazon about a month ago for roughly the same price. I was replacing a pair of similar-looking SkullCandy Hesh ones that I also previously found on HotUKDeals.

I chose them because they are highly regarded for the price (if you search for reviews on the internet). They are indeed big and do have a long cable, but they are comfortable and can be worn for long periods (as long as you sitting in one place).

The sound quality is at least as good as the SkullCandy, although these leak more sound. The SkullCandy are louder at a lower volume (more efficient drivers), are much more uncomfortable and have a short cable.

The sound setting on these Sony headphones is just a gimmick; I can't noticed the difference.

I would recommend them as good, value-for-money headphones.

The SkullCandu

These have good sound quality, the cord is very long but they are so uncomfortable! Bit like someone is holding both of your ears really tightly together.

For that reason I don't recommend investing in these.
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The sound is good and they are comfortable, I don't have any complaints at all.

Bought these to use on ps3 but ended up using my jvc headphones I bought for my guitar amp as the quality was much better, u get whaT u pay for their average build and sound quality is bottom end but can't expect more at this price
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