Sony MDRXD100 HiFi Headphones Silver £9.99 @ Amazon

Sony MDRXD100 HiFi Headphones Silver £9.99 @ Amazon

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* Ear-conscious design for long-lasting listening comfort
* Durable urethane leather construction
* Soft, comfortable earpads
* Features 40 millimeter driver units and long stroke diaphragms
* Ferrite magnets for good bass and treble sounds


Normal price @

Great value for money, robust, decent sound, can be worn over PS3 in ear (not ideal but does the trick). Well worth it, Play or Amazon.

I've been considering these or the xd200, which feel a little beefier. Play did a brief deal on the xd200s for £9.99 last month but they're back up in price again. Does anyone have any comparative experience of both these and any advice? As it stands I'll probably get the 200s but not sure.


I have these and think they're great, my father in law has the 200, they deffinately feel better as in less platicy but sound wise they sound identical... These are still cumfy

Are the XD200s worth the extra £4?

I bought the XD200s but found them very uncomfortable, particularly the unpadded headband. Despite the large ear cups, they hardly block out any outside noise.

I've broken 3 pairs of these under warranty over the last 12 months using them with my electronic drumkit (and HMV were starting to get suspicious). I still think they're great sounding and probably robust enough for more sedate activities like listening to music/watching movies etc, but I now use the 200s instead and wouldn't go back - mainly for the fact it only has a single cable, but the sound quality is also slightly better, and slightly louder, on the 200s (but not that much). I know some people have issues with these as far as comfort go, but neither of them bothered me at all over a 2-3 hour session behind the kit. All-in-all I think either of these cans offer fantastic value for money.

Great stuff, and free delivery! Just got myself a pair


thanks for the feedback, guys. It's good to hear from people who have actually owned them.

Sound is good, very comfy too but they break easily. Had a pair for a few months before it broke.Still good for that price. Maybe it was just me, i tend to break my headphones quickly..

thanks - looking for some cheap earphones
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