SONY Memorycard MemoryStick Micro M2 256 Mb

SONY Memorycard MemoryStick Micro M2 256 Mb

Found 22nd Jan 2008
Especially designed for ultra compact and multifunctional cellphones: the memorycard MemoryStick Micro M2 from Sony is 4 times smaller than the usual MemoryStick PRO Duo. Thanks to the adapter, the MemoryStick Micro M2 can take the normal size of the MemoryStick in order to share your data with MemoryStick PRO compatible devices. In addition, the MemoryStick Micro M2 is compatible with the MagicGate protection technology.


great price although the p&p at pixmania means it really only worthwhile if you're ordering this alonside something else

you get 1gb ones off play for £10.99 delieverd

**** deal

Just ordered a Sandisk 2GB M2 from for £14.99 delivered. I guess it depends what size you really want. They also have a Sony 2GB one for £13.49 delivered... but I don't think the Sony comes with an adapter and I think the Sandisk one does - and I will probably need an adapter to use it in my card reader.
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