Sony NAS-SC55 Giga Juke All-In-One Multi-Room Package - £528.50 @ Laskys

Sony NAS-SC55 Giga Juke All-In-One Multi-Room Package - £528.50 @ Laskys

Found 22nd Feb 2009
Great system with good reviews.Up to £750+ elsewhere.

The Giga Juke stores, labels, and organizes your music in its internal Hard Disk Drive using unique intelligent software. When you're ready to go on the move, it's easy to release your music: Giga Juke can transfer your favourite tunes directly to your Walkman, Walkman phone or other portable audio players - no PC needed.

On top of this "Digital Jukebox" solution, this Giga Juke can deliver music wirelessly to up to five client players* (one is included in the package), Wherever you are in your home, you can access the main server from the wireless players, and even listen to different songs in each of the five zones. When you're having a party with your friends, just press the "Party Mode" button, and every room with a wireless player will play the same music at the same time.

HDD 80GB (Recording format: Linear PCM, MP3)
Up to 40,000 songs recording
Up to 16x high speed ripping from audio CD to HDD
Auto Title Labelling for CD and external analogue sources
x-DJ with Radio Music Channel & Music Surfin
Music file import from PC (MP3, Linear PCM, ATRAC, WMA without DRM)
Up to 50x high-speed music file transfer to WALKMAN, WALKMAN phone and other compatible devices
Music file transfer with data compression (from Linear PCM to MP3)
4.3" colour LCD display
Total 100W (RMS) with hig-quality two-way speakers and Resonant Bass Duct
Radio tuner: FM(with RDS)/AM [plus DAB for UK], Timer recording to HDD
DMPORT Adapter for iPod supplied as standard
Wireless music streaming to wireless player unit supplied
Up to five wireless players can be used with main system
Wooden cabinet
20W amplification and integrated stereo speakers with Long Stroke Duct
Internet radio


If you want execellent multiroom wireless streaming, I suggest logitech's squeezebox.

Just buy the receivers which can be had for around £80 each. Put one in each room and connect it up to an existing hifi/amp/whatever. :thumbsup:

They work very well.

Also, the remote is very expensive, so an alternative is to use something that has wifi and an internet browser. eg. a Nokia 770 internet tablet or a nokia N800 or Nokia N810. A PDA with wifi can be used, as can a psp or a phone with wifi.

The n800s were going for £40 at PCWorld recently, a good price.

The official remote (called the duet) is also good but its very expensive, around £250. If you got the money buy it.

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Thats a ton of money for an ageing system/technology

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Someone found this cheaper perhaps??


Expired ahahahahahahaha

Still available!
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