SONY NAV-U50T (Free Traffic Info) - Sat Nav for £130 (Store Price £220) - Free Delivery

SONY NAV-U50T (Free Traffic Info) - Sat Nav for £130 (Store Price £220) - Free Delivery

Found 24th Jul 2007
WEB OFFER! Sony Nav-U50T fully portable, easy to use, plug and play GPS navigation system with FREE LIFETIME traffic information

Product detail
Free live traffic information: Yes
Maps included: Full UK
Touch screen: Yes
Searchable postcode digits: 5
Screen size in diagonal inches: 3.5 inches


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Sorry can't work out how to add price to Deal ... kept on coming up invalid!! What do people think of this unit ? Worth Buying?

I bought this one about 6 months ago boxed and unused from Ebay. Paid £120 for it.

Very easy to use and can be updated from the Sony site.

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Can you add points of interest i.e. speed cameras : )


Has been on sale at several places including John Lewis for £99.99 before discount codes.

It's an ok unit for the price, however maps are a bit outdated, but can purchase on sony sat nav site for somewhere in the region of £40 odd pounds.

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There are two units posted . Traffic update unit - £120 and basic unit -£100

Does a heated from Windscreen (not being used) interfere with these devices. Would hate to buy it , find it doesn't work and try to return it

Dont think electrically heated front screens make any difference. I have a TomTom 700 and it isnt affected at all by the heated front screens. I think the screens to worry about are the [COLOR="Red"]athermic [/COLOR]or [COLOR="red"]UV Coated[/COLOR] windscreens which because of the way they are designed (to block out UV rays) actually block out the signal. Newer Peugeot and Citroen cars have these.

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Is right that maps are updated at a cost ... as mentioned £40. Is that right and does every manufacturer do the same? :w00t:

You can add a speed camera database, I used ]http//ww…fo/ and it worked very well, you do need to pay a subscription though but it was only 9,95 euros.

Also the traffic info option works quite well, but difficult to read as your driving, but it also gives you the option to change routes when it finds bad traffic.

Has anyone updated there sony maps to the latest version, was wondering how up to date the maps are?

Original Poster…1.4

Map update information message

Navigation Devices Service and Support Area
Concerned unit:


The following message may appear on your personal navigation display:

The map data you are using is older than 12 months. As the road network is subject to annual changes of about 15%, we recommend purchasing the most recent version. For further information, please check our web site, which is indicated in your manual.


This message is automatically generated and does not mean that you cannot use your navigation device. Map updates will be made available from April 2007 for NVU50 on, and from May 2007 for NV-U70T.

The cost of update is £42. Which would add some cost to the unit ... not making it so much a bargain ... is there any other way to update mapping for less cost / ideally free!! :?
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