Sony NEX-3 Dual lens kit 519.99 @ Play

Sony NEX-3 Dual lens kit 519.99 @ Play

Found 8th Jun 2010
Best Price i've seen so far so thought id post it here though unsure on if it'll get hammered with usually cold votes by people who dont know much about the camera and then by people who do yet prefer there DSLR instead ! lol

I myself have ordered this for a replacement for my P&S camera even though i do own a DSLR i wanted something abit smaller for times when i didn't want a big camera to carry and something my missis could find ok to use and get good quality photos too, I didn't order a NEX-5 as i dont use video on my DSLR so the NEX-3 video will be ok for my use.

# DSLR-style quality and shooting responses from the Sony NEX-3D Compact Digital Camera
# Key Features:
# Stunning DSLR-quality images in an ultra compact, beautifully styled camera that's so easy to use
# Interchangeable lenses plus compatibility with a: lens family
# Smart features like HD video and 3D Sweep Panorama
# 14.2 megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor
# Sony 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OSS Lens and Sony 16mm f2.8 Pancake Lens
# MPEG4 720p video shooting
# 7.5cm/3" tilt-angle TruBlack LCD
# Intuitive user interface
# Intelligent AUTO
# Background Defocus Control
# High speed burst shooting


Voted cold... don't know much about them but I like my DSLR more

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Lol see knew id be right thought id point out my views of typical HDUK poster on initial post

It has a same type of sensor that you find on alot of the Sony Dslr so it gets good high iso photos and good image quality, so photos are more of a Dslr standard the only bad point is it lacks the amount of buttons likes of a Dslr has but i suppose you cant have everything :roll:

I have a full frame DSLR btw aswell but this'll be a much better choice than my current P&S that is currently being ebayed at this moment to fund towards this.

Good deal, allthough not sure that these have a place. Neither one thing or another are these cameras. People need to decide exactly what they need from a camera.

I really like these but can't justify the price tag right now. I would like one to carry around all the time in my bag as my DSLR is just too bulky.

These are like the iPads of the camera world :-)


These are like the iPads of the camera world :-)

What they sell one every 3 seconds?

With the 16mm pancake lens this camera is pretty close to being a compact (although without a zoom), but the PQ will be a 100 times better, especially in low light, high contrast or where a shallow depth of field is needed.

Problem is due to the size of the sensor the lenses on this camera are as big as most DSLR's, so the 18-200mm turns it into a monster.

Nikon have got something in the pipeline - smaller sensor than DSLR or Micro 4/3, so PQ will not be quite as good, but better than compacts yet roughly the same size.

Alternatively go for Micro 4/3 - Panasonic or Olympus. Overall PQ about the same as the Sony & although the body is bigger, the zoom lenses are smaller, so overall size about the same as the Sony.

Also in a couple of years we will start to see shutterless versions of these cameras - no moving parts & smaller still...

This is an excellent price! Voted hot. Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but a point to note is that the NEX3 has a plastic body, compared to the magnesium alloy used on the NEX5. For me, that's the biggest difference between the 2.
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