Sony NW-WS413 Waterproof All-in-One MP3 Player, 4 GB - Black , £37.94 Amazon Prime Exclusive

Sony NW-WS413 Waterproof All-in-One MP3 Player, 4 GB - Black , £37.94 Amazon Prime Exclusive

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Poor reviews for swimming. Hot for me
Batmobile5432 h, 3 m ago

Poor reviews for swimming. Hot for me

Taken from an answer, might fix the issue.

OK I had a few issues with this, but it turns out the order you press the buttons matters. It is simple once you know how.
1. First make sure audio is paused.
2. Press and hold the volume up button.
3. Press and hold the next track button.
After a few seconds the light will blink. If it blinks green then you have turned volume limiting ON. If it blinks amber you have turned volume limiting OFF.
If volume limiting is off when you reach max volume you will hear beeps. If volume limiting is ON there are no beeps at max volume.
Been using these 2/3 times a week for 2 years now and I love them. Great price.
Thanks ordered! Also used for £32 but would rather pay the extra £5 I think!
Paid 43 in last deal, but I have not had a chance to use yet so sending back and getting this for 38.08 now. A fiver is a fiver. Cheers OP!
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Bought these a couple of weeks ago, a refurbished deal on the 8GB model on eBay. Happy with them so far, file transfer is simple drag & drop and they can quick charge via USB giving an hour's play from three minutes charging which is ideal if you forget before your training or event.

A lot of the complaints I've seen seem to stem from them not being loud enough, which will be because the volume limiting is turned on and ambient sound feature purposely amplifies outside noise (and drains battery). The start guide you get in the box is very simplistic so I'd guess lots of people don't even realise you can change these settings. You need to go onto Sony's support site for the full manual, which is here:…tml With both functions turned off they are just as loud as my old Ipod Nano. That's with the standard ear buds mind, the ones for swimming have a film across to stop water getting in so will obviously be quieter by definition.

There's also a firmware update which can be found here:…856
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Great deal!
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