Sony NWA-1200 MP3 Walkman 8GB (black / violet) - £63.95 delivered @ John Lewis !!

Sony NWA-1200 MP3 Walkman 8GB (black / violet) - £63.95 delivered @ John Lewis !!

Found 30th Jun 2007
Sony NWA-1200 MP3 Walkman 8GB - £63.95 delivered @ John Lewis !!

Use attached £10 discount voucher to get this price. Billy bargain !! This wont last long.. be quick if u need one.

Description : The elegant Sony NWA1200, has space for up to 5,200 songs with up to 20 hours battery life. Its made from a translucent material that's smooth to the touch and gorgeous to look at. The display features nine navigational icons on the home menu from which you can manoeuvre up, down, left and right to search, shuffle and access all your favourite tracks. The Walkman also features a revolutionary new Artist Link function. This means that if youre listening to an artist or track and you press the artist link button the new Walkman will search, find and display similar artists in that genre. You can charge it up via a USB or AC adaptor while the important G-Sensor makes sure the tracks dont skip if you knock, drop or bang it.


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