Sony NWA1200 Walkman 8GB Pink MP3 Player £79.99 Delivered

Sony NWA1200 Walkman 8GB Pink MP3 Player £79.99 Delivered

Found 18th Aug 2007
* 1.5-inch Organic EL
* My Favourite Shuffle: Randomly plays your top 100 most listened tracks
* Time Machine Shuffle: WALKMAN plays songs of a randomly selected year
* Support for multiple codecs
* Charge via USB or AC adaptor
* G-Sensor: Decreases the damage potential when the HDD falls
* 6 Band Equaliser: Adjusts sound qualities of six bands
* 20 hour battery life
* Stores up to 5,200 tracks
* Artist link button
* Supplied with Headphones, USB Cable and AC adaptor
Chic design and an incredibly long battery life combine to make the all-new NWA1200, ultra-compact, 8 GB HDD player a music-playing, must-have. Your music collection is easy to manage with the CONNECT Player software and the supplied, matching headphones make sure you're listening to top quality sounds. seems to be doing some very good deals at the moment! :o)


Sorry - Cold because of this


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Didn't see that one... :o(

Koma Toes

Didn't see that one... :o(

Yeah - It's a cracking price and fairly good stock levels by the look of it (10+ at least).

Thanks for posting the deal all the same
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