Sony NWA3000 Silver 20Gb MP3 Player- £130

Sony NWA3000 Silver 20Gb MP3 Player- £130

Found 4th Jan 2007
Sony MP3 player with 20 Gb available for a very reasonable price.

Details: Store up to 5000 MP3 songs * Rechargeable battery with 35 hours life * Intelligent shuffle function * OLED display * Software CD supplied


Hi funky5, thanks for the post. I've added a picture and a description of the model For help on posting deals, click the link in my sig.

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Quite a good price but I understand there's a new model either out or shortly on its way.

Nice design, but having owned one I can confirm that the 'connect' software that is supplied (and needed) is very poor and hard to use.

My mate has this and can confirm the software is a nightmare - so bad he would not recommend buying it.

use the Sonic Stage software instead ( on the sony web site ) its much better then the one that comes with the player...

once you take off the EU sound limit, its a cracking little thing

not a code i know but usefull informatiom anyway

I know I'm in a tiny minority but I have both a sony 20gb mp3 player with connect software and an ipod using itunes - and I find the connect software easier to use than itunes - it does a better job of categorising your music in my opinion. My sony has never crashed or had sync problems - my ipod is forever throwing up error messages. Given the choice for a high capacity player I'd go for a sony.

Fair enuf - however I had sonic-stage on my net minidisc and I hated it.

Give me drag and drop anyday.

I think sony are too busy with DRM issues to concentrate on giving us all a great piece of kit - and I am a sony fan!
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