Sony NWD-B105B 2 GB MP3 Player Cat code: 827188-0 @ Halfords @ £14.90
Sony NWD-B105B 2 GB MP3 Player Cat code: 827188-0 @ Halfords @ £14.90

Sony NWD-B105B 2 GB MP3 Player Cat code: 827188-0 @ Halfords @ £14.90

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We have an extensive range of MP3 players and accessories for sale. The Sony NWD-B105B 2 GB MP3 plays Music and has voice recorder built in.

Features & Benefits:
2 GB memory stores up to 999 songs
Battery Life provides up to 12 hrs music playback.
Easy to see LCD screen
Built in USB connector

Whats in the box:
Sony NWD-B105B

Please note, this product was previously on sale at

£29.36 between 03/02/09 and 02/12/09 inclusive



Good price but my none availabe in my local stores...

Not in stock even in major towns.....Need to travel to villages to pick one...lol

Plenty of stock for the 1gb version around me but none for the 2gb sticks, halfords.com/web…553

"We are very sorry, but no UK store currently has all of the items you require in stock"

Good deal, no stock.

I really wouldnt bother with any of these rare deals fro halfwits after trying to get a couple of R/C cars the other day, doing a 3 hour round trip to find the store who told me they had put them by (i called to check) had then lost them or parts of them by time i got there.

Then the one we did mange to get Audi A8 only lasted 1 day and then just stopped dead.

I had one of these, I didn't like it at all. It takes ages to start, building a database every time you switch it on, and always returns to the start of the track you were listening to at power up. A complete pain if you are in the middle of an hour long podcast or book chapter.
It might be ok for music, but I rarely listen to music.
Good price for a naff player I guess.

I actually have this player and it is a pain in the **** at the best of times. It reconfigures its database every time you turn it on and that takes up to a minute each time.

Got one of these for a pressie yesterday, very pleased with it, ideal size and weight for cycling which the present has been bought for a person that does lots of that.

I swear by Sony MP3 players, the sound quality is second to none, cannot vouch for the database checks each time, but with 2GB of data surely it cannot be that long a refresh.
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