Sony NWE002PC 512MB Pink MP3 Player - £19.99 in-store!

Sony NWE002PC 512MB Pink MP3 Player - £19.99 in-store!

Found 16th Jul 2007
Saw this in one of the mini-Argos leaflets and thought it might be appreciated. You can get cheap 1GB players for similar price or less, but these Sony ones usually seem pretty popular.

It's pink too so if your a woman this might be for you.

Reduced to £19.99 from £39.99.

It also has some impressive charging stats... 3min charge gives 3 hours playback! Perfect if your in a hurry. More specs:

# Portable solid state.
# 28 hours playback.
# 512MB memory.
# Stores up to 128 MP3/256 WMA/345 ATRAC tracks.
# MP3/WMA/ATRAC compatible.
# Repeat one/all/shuffle/folder.
# 1 line LCD display.
# USB port.
# SonicStage software for easy management and transfers of your favourite tracks.
# 3 minutes charge = 3 hours playback.
# Direct USB connection.
# In ear headphones supplied.
# Built in rechargeable battery.
# Weight 25g.
# Size (H)8, (W)2.5, (D)1.4cm.
- woohoomoo

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