Sony NWS 205 Walkman 2GB MP3 Player (Black) £84.99 - Price just dropped if you want a Silv

Sony NWS 205 Walkman 2GB MP3 Player (Black) £84.99 - Price just dropped if you want a Silv

Found 17th Jan 2007
Hunting around for an MP player and Play have reduced the price of most of their Sony MP3's

I won't re-write all the info as its on the link but for some reason silver is the new black so black is £10.00 cheaper than a silver one!!! - This could be a price error but if you are in the market for an MP3 player which does all sorts of fancy stuff for you to use at the gym or when running this could be the one for you!

Dont forget quidco if you are going to order!


Thanks stan

The WALKMAN NW-S205 with its 2 GB built-in flash memory is your perfect companion for sport, working, commuting, relaxing, etc. NW-S200 series is unique - it is the first digital player to feature a combination of an integral G-sensor and fitness functions like steps, distance & calorie counter and stop-watch. It also has a stylish & compact design, is light & durable and is the first MP3 player with a water resistant aluminium body! This digital player charges really quickly, 3 minutes for 3 hours playback and even has a built-in FM tuner. Armband carrying case is supplied.

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Thanks edi - I was just trying to figure out how to add the image but failing!

Excellent price Stan...

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What a nob I put the 1 gig price in - the black one is still £10 cheaper than the silver


Dont belive it the PLAY police must have been watching its just gone up!

:giggle: :giggle: do this very often... £79.99 is not a bad price either. Could have been a bargain @ £69.99 !!

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:oops: appoligies - I am still new at this!:oops:

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Just noticed that the price has gone up to £89.99 now - I hope you got one if you wanted one at the lower price - I have updated the prices

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Just bumped this one as they have dropped the price on the silver 2gig player to £84.99 - The black one is still £89.99 - I think the silver looks better

Hope this helps someone and leave feedback if you like the post.


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P.S. be quick as they put the price back up pretty quickly if you want one!
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