Sony NWZ-X1060 32GB Touch Screen MP3/MP4 Player with WiFi £140 @ CeX (preowned)

Sony NWZ-X1060 32GB Touch Screen MP3/MP4 Player with WiFi £140 @ CeX (preowned)

Found 11th Jul 2010
Just picked up one of these from the CeX store in Edinburgh but also available online and in some other stores. These are A-grade- mine is in as new condition, boxed with all the accessories (B-grade are available for £125). This is a real bargain- John Lewis and sell these for £290 new. It's a brilliant little player- does everything the Ipod touch does except it's usefully a bit smaller, has better sound quality and can use drag and drop, although the browser is only for use in emergencies!

Check out the review here:…/p1


These are good walkmans but again, if you buy from CEX pick up from store so you can inspect the goods first. Also, I would highly recomend doing a battery test on it ASAP. Charge it full and leave it playing until it switches off. I was sold an a6000. Should have 35 hour battery life but only played for 1 hour before switching off.
Also worth canging the title to include pre-owned.

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Sorry about that- only my second post on here, and first in a long while.

Definitely right Monkey nuts- I didn't want to buy mine online because the condition could be so variable, although they do have a distinction between A and B grade so getting A should guarantee at least a certain level of condition. From what I gather after speaking to them when I bought mine, you can get them to send one to your local store so you can look at it before purchase.

Only good if you get a good one, ridiculous to say they are Grade A, all depends on the store in question, some are fussier than others about exactly what Grade A is.

If your local Makro still has any left in stock much better getting from there for £140, as I posted a month ago
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