Sony NWZA816B 4GB Video Walkman MP3/MP4 Player at Amazon.Co.UK £67.99 Delivered!
Sony NWZA816B 4GB Video Walkman MP3/MP4 Player at Amazon.Co.UK £67.99 Delivered!

Sony NWZA816B 4GB Video Walkman MP3/MP4 Player at Amazon.Co.UK £67.99 Delivered!

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Sony NWZA816B 4GB Video Walkman MP3 is £69.99 including delivery from Amazon.Co.UK

* 4GB MP3 player
* High quality video playback
* AVC(H.264/AVC), MP4
* 2'' colour LCD screen or 320 X 240 mm
* Clear bass
* Clear stereo
* DSEE, EX-headphone
* Equaliser
* Drag and drop transfer
* Plays Forsure certified
* Multi Audio Codec supported, WMA/MP3/Linear PCM
* PC application windows Media player 11, MP3 conversion tool, media manager (download from sony website)
* System requirements, Windows XP or Vista


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Easy Operation
Crystal clear display coupled with a simple user interface means that you can find your music, video and photos quickly and easily. Intuitively designed, the WALKMAN video offers enhanced searching (and cover art display) meaning you can conveniently access every classification (artist/album/genre etc) from the Now Playing page

Video Playback
Video playback lets you play video 'podcasts', downloaded content from other internet sites, TV content recorded directly to your PC, and even movies you shot on your camcorder.

It's versatile and easy to use. You can change screen format from vertical (portrait) to horizontal widescreen (landscape) and you can zoom in during playback. Stores up to 1000 video files. High speed playback, up to 30 frames per second for smooth viewing.

With the 8GB version, you can store as much as 32 hours of video (at 384kbs).

Photo Playback
Your mobile picture library.

Play your photos individually or use the slideshow setting. Plus you can even enhance the experience by adding a soundtrack.

Easy to use, you can display your photos in portrait or landscape. The display format of the photo list can also be changed to your preference: ‘Title Only’, ‘Title With Thumbnail’ or ’Thumbnail Only’.

Your Music Downloads
Your WALKMAN NWZA is WMT compatible, so you can purchase and download music from most online music providers – look for the ‘Plays for sure’ logo.

Easy Music Transfer
Transferring music to your WALKMAN couldn’t be easier – simply select, drag and drop compatible files using ‘My Computer’ and you are ready to go!

Multi Format Music Playback
The WALKMAN NWZA series plays a variety of file types including WMA / MP3 / AAC / Linear –PCM
Intuitively designed, the WALKMAN video offers enhanced searching (and cover art display) meaning you can conveniently access every classification (artist/album/genre etc) from the Now Playing page.

4 Clear Audio Technologies
WALKMAN has always stood for the highest quality portable audio. The WALKMAN video NWZA has four ‘Clear Audio’ technologies:

Clear Stereo: Technology keeping the two signals clearly separate. So what you should be hearing in your left ear will never ‘leak’ into the right ear.

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE): This unique feature improves compressed audio quality restoring high frequency signals to poor recording.

Clear Bass: Gives clear, rich bass without distortion.

EX-Headphone: The unique shape of the earphones allows the biggest possible sound unit (13.5mm) whilst maintaining the most comfortable in-ear fit.

2" QVGA colour LCD, high resolution (320 x 240), high brightness, high contrast and superior colour reproduction display your videos at their best.

To avoid the problem sometimes experienced when viewing small screens, Sony has used its TV expertise to create a great picture. For example, using a low temperature poly-silicon TFT panel with LED backlight to reproduce 262,144 individual colours so mobile viewing does not mean compromising on quality.

Battery Life
Prolong your entertainment with the WALKMAN video. Fully charged you can access thirty hours worth of music playback or eight hours of video.

To fully charge the battery takes only three hours.

*Music: ATRAC 132 kbps
**Video MPEG-4 384kbps

Big sound and big screen performance doesn't need to weigh you down. When you're on the move with a WALKMAN video, size is everything.

Length: 88mm
Width: 43.8mm
Depth: 9.1mm
Thinnest part of WALKMAN: 8.3mm
Weight: 53g

Colour And Memory Options
8GB - Pink / Black / White - up to 5500 tracks or 32 hours of videofiles

4GB - Pink / Black / White - up to 2700 tracks or 15 hours of videofiles

2GB - Black / White - up to 1300 tracks or 7 hours of videofiles

hmmm i don't like this

great price for a cracking mp3 player.I have the 8gig model and would heartily recommend it to anyone.....fabulous sound,decent 'phones and a breeze to use.:thumbsup:

ive got one of these, great product. Easy to use drag & drop too! no 'extra's' to load up. 10/10 from me cracking batt life too!

Its a pretty thing....

in my opinion they ruined it when they revised the model to become drag and drop.... They lost ATRAC compatibility which means they also lost Gapless playback ability... There is also a reduction in sound quality due to 3 channel processing instead of the 4 on the previous model... (whatever that means) Please note this model is identical in looks to the older NWA model (Not the old black NWA 8000 models which are now obsolete).

The only truly gapless player at the moment is sadly the new IPOD range...

Personally I've had one of these but opted to go back to my old NWA 8000 as the sound quality was much better.)

Still.. for £70, if you dont want gapless (which i desperately do) and you dont mind the dip in sound quality.. its a good price for a desirable machine... and the headphones are great!!!

I prefer it being changed to drag & drop, it saves you so much hassle, about the audio quality, I can only comment from what I've heard , it sounds fabulous, the bundled headphones are great, cracking price

I'm glad I still keep my NW-A808 after reading Gedfaz's post. Gapless playback is really important to me since 90% of my music are classical, and I don't want to wait for one or two seconds when I'm not suppose to.


issue of gapless is close to my heart (and ears), the only other true gapless player(s) are german outfit derived from rio (karma is gapless if you can find one) apprently rio sold them their interface, software etc and now produce a range of players canna for life of me think of name. google??
ramble over:


the 8GB model was £84.99 not so long ago

prices seemed to have gone up by alot

i sold my 8gb one on ebay for £90 a week or so ago and decided to get an Iriver Clix 2 U20 8GB

boy was it a good decision as the iriver beats this hands down although it is pricey compared to it


The price history for this product shows it was nearly as low as £60 last month and the prices seem to have increased a little now. Still a good deal though not much above the low point.


Worth every penny, easy to use and superior sound compared to Ipod's.


I have the 2gb version and it's fantastic and incredibly easy to use. 30+ hour battery, simple drag and drop file like you would a usb disk, can play mp3, wma and mpeg4 video files - even though it's a small screen, it's still watchable, clips and stuff are nice. Photos show up very nicely and are crystal clear due to the brilliant screen. Videos and photos can fill the screen if you set it to sideways view which is great and it utilises the whole screen.

As it's main job as a music player it's brilliant - sound is great and navigation is incredibly easy. The earphones that are included are very high quality ones, with the odd shape in ear ones. Great stuff!

Very happy with my one.

Lovely SQ from these, have the Japanese 8gb A808 and love it, headphones supplied are great to

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Now £67.99 delivered


Sony NWZA816B 4GB video walkman MP3
now 54.99[/SIZE]
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