Sony NWZW-202P Wearable MP3 Walkman, 2GB, Pink £24.95 @ John Lewis

Sony NWZW-202P Wearable MP3 Walkman, 2GB, Pink £24.95 @ John Lewis

Found 26th Apr 2010
The Story:

Was browsing in my local shopping center, and was looking with my girlfriend, for some wireless headphones to use down the gym, which i would pair up with my iPhone.
The best down Apple were £80-£100 - which is a bit too pricey even for me, then we decided to go House of Fraiser and found they closed their Technology Department down, then we went into John Lewis's Techy side and found some Sony NWZ-202 model range of headphones.

On their dummy display were a wide range of colours, however had only 2 in stock to take home - Green and White, at £49 & £59 respectively - which is still a bit pricey, so on my iPhone we did some searching with Red Laser which came to no avail.

So went home got my MacBook and searched for them everywhere, after hours of searching we though that we'd order them from John Lewis, bare in mind: we found that the average price from a shop (not a private seller) was roughly £40-£60,
John Lewis amazed us with the stupendous price of £24.95 ----> come on now based on all the reviews I've read that price and deal is drop dead gorgeous!

We know its only for the Pink one at this price but for anybody's Girlfriend, Wife, Mother, Grandma etc...... it is a wicked deal!

Thanks for reading and looking!

Product Information
Dont let wires hold you back the Sony NW-ZW202P is a wearable MP3 player that integrates the player into a unique all-in-one headphone design. It weighs just 35g and the secure fit design means it will stay on your head, whether running for the train or on a treadmill.

As you would expect, the EX earphones produce powerful high quality sound. As well as being comfortable, the earphones are also able to insulate the sound through a hybrid silicone structure so you can get fully engrossed in your music.

Navigating through your music is easy too with the new ZAPPIN search feature which will automatically detect and play the chorus of each track in 4 or 15 second intervals allowing you to scroll through your tracks and select them quickly, easily and without disrupting your activity.

Despite its streamlined dimensions, the NW-ZW202P has a 2GB storage capacity which is enough room for up to 500 tracks. It also comes with a sleek charger which gives you 12 hours battery life from a 90 minute charge. But if youre raring to go, youll get 90 minutes playback from just 3 minutes charging.

Supporting all popular file formats, even iTunes®, the NW-ZW202P lets you manage all your content with drag & drop simplicity.

Key Features
Accessories Charging stand

Battery life

How long the battery lasts for until it needs recharging Up to 12 hours

Brand Sony

Capacity 2GB

Dimensions Information not available

Guarantee FREE 1 year guarantee, extend to 3 years £35

Plays formats

Type of disc or file that can be played back on this machine Data conversion from MP3, WMA, WAV to ATRAC3 or ATRAC3plus

Power supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Preset stations

The number of stations that can be programmed into the memory No

Radio tuner No

Transfer method

The way music or videos are transferred to the player USB 2.0 via charging stand

Type W Series

Weight 35g
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Cool idea!
Hot deal but note lots of -ve reviews when used in the gym as sweat gets in to the electrics and they fry. Sony have been good though and will honour the warranty even with moisture damage.
thanks 'aerotec' for the heads up, i will keep that in mind, but iv'e also read on the newer serial numbers this issue have been fixed, thanks for the heads up though
cool deal just ordered some. got my other half these in green for his half marathon last yr and he thinks there great:thumbsup:
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