SONY Operation Flashpoint: Red River - for PS3 £7.99 @ Dixons

SONY Operation Flashpoint: Red River - for PS3 £7.99 @ Dixons

Found 2nd Dec 2011
not a bad deal...

peration Flashpoint: Red River for PS3, developed by Codemasters, is the hyper-realistic sequel to the groundbreaking Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Much more than a game, it's an epic journey into the heart of war.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a tactical infantry shooter set in Tajikistan in 2013, at the outbreak of a dirty civil war. US Marine Corps move in to quell the unrest, but matters take a turn for the worse when the marines' presence provokes suspicion in the People's Liberation Army next door.

As China reacts, you'll be called upon to perform heroics merely to survive. Operation Flashpoint: Red River has a phenomenally realistic game engine, with an authentic ballistics model, important visual clues such as smoke on the horizon, real-time shadows, and surround sound. To use the broad array of weapons at your disposal will require knowledge, patience, and tactical awareness. And as in reality, a single bullet has the potential to kill you - or your enemy!

The single-player campaign unfolds in three great acts, or if you prefer you can raise the stakes in the 4-player drop-in/drop-out online co-op multiplayer campaign. There are also standalone Fire Team Engagements for lasting playability.

Exploit the fog of war and emerge victorious in Operation Flashpoint: Red River - or at the very least, call in the howitzers and A-10s and die a hero!
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Thanks Operation Flashpoint was pretty good so this has to be worth £8.
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Thanks Operation Flashpoint was pretty good so this has to be worth £8.

happy to help
Why no Xbox version!! Hot anyway. I loved this game.
Thanks for posting; I’ve added merchant / price info to the title
Got half way through then got frustrated with the control system mechanics
Awsome game. If you have a few friends who have more brains then the kids of Modern warfare you will have a ball playing this in COOP.
This game is rubbish. Do not buy, you will be disappointed.
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