Sony PlayStation 3 120GB Slim Console + FREE GAME ONLY £249 @ Game

Sony PlayStation 3 120GB Slim Console + FREE GAME ONLY £249 @ Game

Found 31st Aug 2009
This is in store nationwide

Just walked past the leeds store and they were putting up poster for this offer
there was 10 games to choose from including
NHL 10
Madden NFL 10
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
And a bunch more decent games, seems like a good deal to me what do you lot think

So whats different about it? For starters its much lighter, cooler and quieter than before and it stores a whole lot more!

The new Playstation 3 Slim weighs in approximately two-thirds the size of the first PS3, but packs a hard drive of twice the originals size now a comfortably large 120GB.

And thanks to its completely revamped internal architecture (with Cell Broadband Engine processor) the PS3 Slim runs cooler and quieter than its PS3 predecessors. Just what you need to enhance those terrifying late night zombie romps!

PS3 Slim it's so much more than just a gaming machine ...


Guess this is what I might get from Gamestation as I pre ordered it from there.

i have £110 game vouchers so will buy it from there, which game gives the most cashback reslae value

Not a bad price, I think this deal is slightly better as you get a game,blu ray and hdmi cable for about the same price:…sol


[COLOR=Cyan][SIZE=5]]Cold... Cheaper @ Dabs. ![/SIZE][/COLOR]

Thats 98p more :?

Its hot from me because you can pick the game you prefer at a good price, not the best but still good.
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