Sony Playstation 3 160gb slim £99 @ Tesco

Sony Playstation 3 160gb slim £99 @ Tesco

LocalFound 28th Dec 2013
If your on the hunt for the 12gb ps3 at Tesco stores and your not too fussed about getting the super slim then ask to see if they have any of these ive just seen at Farnworth store, its the first model slim but its still real small and the 160gb hard drive will definitely be needed.

pic in first comment. Absolute steal if you ask me.
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can someone make this into a viewable picture, in posting this deal from my phone and its not playing ball ha.
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Seems a good deal, queuing in Walsall tesco to buy 12gb super slim without book of spells, they sold out earlier apparently. 3 left of 12gb scanning at £99. Will ask about this at till.
Damn, what a deal
Just come back from Batley 24hr and no cheap PS3's there.
Tesco direct have them same price
just got a 160gb one in Walsall, at £99, they only had one, there are still at least 3 of the super slim in Walsall tesco extra.
Bargain. 3D blu ray players are around fifty quid. So that more and you have a console, Internet service etc. heat.
good deals at £99. many games exclusive to ps3 at the moment. not many for the ps4 unfortunately. also game controllers for the ps3 seen for £25. plus you can still upgrade the hard drive capacity.

Tesco direct have them same price

Can't see them in Tesco Direct but a great deal if you can get one!
Out of stock online lol,
Far better build quality than the super-slim. Hot.
Great deal. They had these in Tesco Bedworth this morning if I remember correctly. Personally I would prefer this console over the superslim.
Ah finally the model I was after, hopefully they'll have some down my local and I'll let you guys know if they do. Got a PS plus subscription and it feels as though im wasting it by not taking all the monthly freeplays
this is much better than the slim for 99! good find

Tesco direct have them same price

The 12GB has been out of stock since yesterday and the 160GB doesn't appear to exist on the Direct website.
bleedin typical,been waiting for ages for a ps3 and they drop the prices when I am in lanzarote for another week.....
i have the super slim and its terrible build quality. i dont see the thin/loose corrugated cover lasting more than a year (had it 3 months so far).
its really noisy too with some games. GTA5 and Ghosts are really noisy as the disc is constantly being read, you can hear it start stop. whereas Borderlands 2 makes hardly any noise at all, you only hear it when you load a different city in the game.
would happily swap my super slim for a slim.
None in the one in Gorton, I looked today
Fantastic deal but I reckon stock is scarce. Its worth checking at the local but most will probably be making wasted journeys.

Tesco direct have them same price

Nothing on the website and the 12gb one is out of stock as usual.
farnworth only have 12gb ones in as im here now.. nothing on shelf to show they ever had 160gb.. what a waste of a journey
If you saw the 12gb ones then you missed the 160gb ones they were right next to them. Try asking a staff member theyll get you one.
looks like someone played football with those ones in the pics
This is most likely store specific, they will of probably found these in the back looking at the state of those boxes.
Great if you can find them. Far superior build quality to the super slim and far more storage!
I got one in Farnworth about half an hour ago! Cheers!
they had 4 of the 12gb ones left in farnsworth nothing else in the stock or on shelf
Try asking someone i know for a fact there are more than that.
The deal is still available. Give a call to the TESCO customer care, and they can tell you which nearest shop has it. I bought it 2 hours ago from the TESCO Extra Store at Bradford Great Horton street.
There were 2 more pieces available as per the sales person. Enjoy!!
I'd say this model PS3 is the best of the 3. And remember don't be put off by the 160GB HDD, they can be easily replaced and you can even use the 160GB drive in a USB sata enclosure (handy little drive that can fit in jacket pocket).
These are by far the best shape of PS3 out of the three in my opinion, they're also the most reliable and make the least noise.
Bargain at £99!
anyone else going farnworth will be wasting there time id try the other stores...
For PlayStation owners in London, the big HMV in Oxford Circus is having a big closing down sale and I picked up 2 PlayStation Plus 365 day subscriptions for £26.99 each (labeled as £29.99, and there's 10% off everything)

I did post it as a deal earlier but it didn't appear. I would say they had about twenty left at 6.30pm, but I don't think other folk noticed them.

Hot deal by the way, definitely go for one with something bigger than the 12gb (for many / some 160gb might not be enough to be honest, but its good for casual users / folk not downloading games)

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great deal. just bought a used one of these with 2 controllers for 80 quid. get it if you can. slim definitely the best of the 3 models. just pop down to game and get a bunch of used games for next to nothing.
old stock... discontinued model.

old stock... discontinued model.

errr yep, they don't make it anymore ergo don't buy it.
Swansea Marina store had these today - in glass cabinet close to self-serve tills.

bleedin typical,been waiting for ages for a ps3 and they drop the prices … bleedin typical,been waiting for ages for a ps3 and they drop the prices when I am in lanzarote for another week.....

Are you for real mate? choice of a wild goose chase around tesco or a wild bird chase around lanzarote...I know which one i'd choose.
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got supposedly the last one one at Farnworth earlier. paid £99 in tesco vouchers £1 cash! result thanks op
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