Sony Playstation 3 80GB Console with I Am Legend Blu-ray £219.99 @ Gameplay

Sony Playstation 3 80GB Console with I Am Legend Blu-ray £219.99 @ Gameplay

Found 13th Apr 2010
Did my research and found this:

£239.99 Cool Shop 120GB OUT OF STOCK
£255.00 Cool Shop 250GB OUT OF STOCK
£199.99 Sainsbury's with LBP 80GB OUT OF STOCK
£259.99 Currys 120GB with LBP IN STOCK
£259.99 Dixons 120GB with LBP IN STOCK
£249.99 Argos 120GB IN STOCK
£249.99 Tesco 120GB OUT OF STOCK
£282.00 ASDA 250GB IN STOCK
£249.95 John Lewis 120GB OUT OF STOCK
£279.95 John Lewis 250GB OUT OF STOCK
£214.00 80GB IN STOCK
£269.99 250GB IN STOCK
£249.99 120GB IN STOCK
£259.99 80GB IN STOCK
£250 Pixmania 120GB IN STOCK
£248.99 Dabs 120GB OUT OF STOCK
£289.99 Ebuyer 250GB IN STOCK
£279.99 HMV 250GB with game IN STOCK
£249.99 HMV 120GB IN STOCK
£259.99 GAME 250GB with Batman and X-Men Blu-Ray IN STOCK

So this seemed to be the best offer I've seen which is IN STOCK! I'd hurry and get one before these shoot out too. Its 80GB which is enough for me and brand new! Gamestation are doing this pre-owned for £199.99 in Ilford. I'd rather pay £20 more and get it brand new with Sony warranty.

Comes with Dual Shock controller and I AM LEGEND BLU-RAY. I bougt the pack and received it within a few days nicely packed. Happy days!


Not many places now are going to hold sealed new stocks of the old revision unreliable PS3.

Hey just a thought you could upgrade this PS3 with a 500gb hard drive, they
only cost £50, which would make a massive saving - they're nearly £500.

just an idea.
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