Sony Playstation 3 Pre-Order PS3 £416.74 Delivered

Sony Playstation 3 Pre-Order PS3 £416.74 Delivered

Found 7th Jan 2007
Experience a whole new world of gaming! Reserve your PlayStation 3 game console now!

Delivery of the PS3 is based on order of registration. The first ones to reserve their PS3, are the first ones to play!
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First ones to pay :roll: Oh play :giggle: No games with this one then?
Thanks for the pointer ;-)
281 coming into stock, dont know how many are reserved though.
Smelling tinned ham!
oooh gonna get me one of these, but not sure where to preorder, maybe Game will have more on launch day?
I can't get the link to work.
Link now corrected Had two s"]http//'s in it.
opps sorry!
2 years warranty to it looks like
Bargain Hunter

Smelling tinned ham!

They've posted deals from Argos, Empire Direct and Irwin before though...
Hang on, no controller and no games. Not that good a deal. IMO
You get a demo disc... if its any consolation. No HDMI lead tho!
Delivery cost now added to title
lol, no controllers? that is apalling
How can it be Spam????

Didn't spot the lack of controllers! Makes deal a better one!
Pretty sure you get a controller.

They're not gonna open the things and take the controllers out.
I gues it's worth having posted in case people get desperate as they did for a Wii :roll:
I think there should be at least one controller?

Pretty sure you get a controller.

Agreed, but I can't see any mention of it.
Well, I've preordered - hopefully they won't take the money yet!

I gues it's worth having posted in case people get desperate as they did … I gues it's worth having posted in case people get desperate as they did for a Wii :roll:

its worth having

but i think the desperation was mainly caused because the Wii became a 'must have' christmas gift and it also being a reasonable price.

I wanted to get hold of a Wii badly and didnt, why ? a christmas gift. christmas has gone & now I dont want to get a wii no more. playstation 3doesnt have that going for it or a nice price tag.
nice one gone for it, cant wait for this bad boy!!!!!!!!
281? I'll believe that when I see it. 28 if they're seriously lucky.
Ordered one thanks for the info.
are these a reliable company?

are these a reliable company?

I have spent about £800 pounds with them before and never had a problem
Komplett are reliable although they are a Dutch company if I remember correctly. But don't worry they are not a scam site, they have been dealing with the UK market for a long time.

But please don't hold me to anything that could happen with pre-orders as I have never pre-ordered anything from anyone in my entire life.

But, I have actually purchased form Komplett in the past hence the reason I can confirm they are genuine.
I think Komplett have had this advertised on their site since September last year, so i would imagine this might be a bit oversubscribed. However i don't think they take the money out of your account until dispatch so you could always cancel if you manage to buy a PS3 elsewhere sooner.
I've ordered a lot of stuff from Komplett in the past, they're very good. The parent company is Norwegian.
Yeah I've ordered from therm in the past too, they've been around for many years.

Not sure on the amount they have allocated themselves though, or what will come with the Console!

Other deals could be better, still 2 months to plan for this!?
Yep Komplett are very good, i ordered two things last year, a hard drive and a printer, all still going strong!
[SIZE=2]The official price isnt set in stone so id be careful pre ordering.[/SIZE]
Careful with this... They've reserved the money from my account already, effectively making me £420 out of pocket with nothing to show for it but a preorder page on the website...
I bought one in US. Not using it much
The current games are just not as good as the 360 ones. The PS3 Network isn't great either. With people not buying it in the states, there's a chance of a price drop this year.
I've just cancelled my order - the final straw was the backwards compatibility.:x
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