Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console- 160GB £227.99 @ PC World
Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console- 160GB £227.99 @ PC World

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console- 160GB £227.99 @ PC World

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Introduce yourself to the sleek Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console, featuring an advanced design that's smaller, lighter and more power-efficient than previous models, plus sophisticated internet, multimedia and Blu-ray capabilities that make it much more than just a groundbreaking games console. This model features a 160GB hard drive.

With serious power under its stylish hood, including IBM's Cell processor and a Sony/NVidia co-developed graphics processor that makes this system able to whizz through two trillion calculations per second, the PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console is 340 times as fast as the PlayStation 2.


Same model in Sainsburys £199.99.

As you say, cheaper in Sainsburys

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Could you show me a link to this please!!
I could only find a 120GB version for around £25 more!!!
Plus it's out of stock!

Hasnt that Sainsbury's sale ended by now?

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Well.....I certainly can't find the deal anywhere!

It was in store only but surely it has ended now.

no sainsburys deal still on saw it today

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Could someone please post a link to it!!!
Or is it just in-store?


Could someone please post a link to it!!!Or is it just in-store?

It's only instore as far as I know. We picked up one yesterday from Sainsburys for £199.99 they had about 5 in stock in our area (Basingstoke).

Probably the superstores are more likely to stock them but ring beforehand to see if they have any in stock. Not sure but it was posted on here that this promotion was only available up to 12 November. Hope that helps.

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Thanks imawhinger!!!! That's been a great help and is probably why I haven't seen the deal!

Glad to help. If you type in PS3 console at the top and press return it shoudl come up with the Sainsbury's deal that's on here.

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Thanks a lot! I didn't find it because when I searched for similar deals, I searched for ps3 slim instead! Is the Sainsbury's deal ps3 or ps3 slim because it isn't clearly explained!

It is a PS3 Slim model:
The requested deal thread:

Go to the Sainsburys website and find your local's number to confirm whether they have stock and if they can hold one on the side for you as it could save you the hassle of a trip (seeing as long this offer has been on for) - you can also call customer services and request a stock check around your area instead (not sure if local stores can do the same).

Happy gaming,

Better yet, (if you're willing to go through the effort) confirm stock at your local Sainsburys then go to PC World to see if they can price match them. As well as price matching Sainsburys they will put an additional 10% off from the price difference (not the total).

Bear in mind it depends on how cooperative staff are to whether they'll price match a supermarket.
Good luck if you choose this route.

Perhaps put these photos taken from another HUKD member on your phone to show as proof (as well as having your local Sainsburys number on hand):
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Got mine from Sainsbury in Frome, they had loads!

If only PS3 is on the VAT cash back claim list i definitely get it.


If only PS3 is on the VAT cash back claim list i definitely get it.

Ha, wishful thinking. They would probably bump up the prices like they have done everything else anyway.
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