Sony playstation 4 1tb console for £219.99 at shop to eBay

Sony playstation 4 1tb console for £219.99 at shop to eBay

Found 4th Oct 2016
Didn't see this posted, decent price for a brand new 1tb ps4.

£219.99 at eBay shop to.

Still lots left at time of posting but they are selling fast.


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Brrr getting a bit chilly in here guys, is there a cheaper brand new 1tb (not 500gb) console available that doesn't require a time machine to travel back to last Thursday? :-P

HUKDers have long memories, but it's probably a better deal to pay an extra 30 quid for the 1TB Slim that was posted here a bit earlier.

you could always buy a 500gb version for £259 from very !!!

This deal is so cold Foreigner made a song about it

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Thank you to the 23 people who voted this hot, I may be standing naked in a blizzard but at least I have a heat vote produced scarf to keep me slightly warm! Ah well if one person got what is still a good deal then it was worth the post :-)

Seems like a decent deal for this week. Sadly I think last Thursday was a one off and surely every deal can't be compared to it.
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