Sony Playstation 4 500GB refurbished £199.99 - Amazon

Sony Playstation 4 500GB refurbished £199.99 - Amazon

Found 12th Sep 2016
Amaxon Today's deal

If you can't get the current Tesco glitch deal.

Refurbished graded B - minor cosmetic marks

12 months manufacturers warranty



Hmm this or a brand new one with 3 games for £4 more?

*IF* you can actually get it of course.

pay a little more and get the new slim version which would be brand new

I thought the glitch one was sainburys not Tesco?

£10 promotional as well, well... was when I placed my order a few weeks back, also 5% student discount.

It's not "B Graded", it's a "Graded" B-Chassis, meaning one of the older models. They sometimes have Graded C-Chassis available for the same price, which would be a better purchase.

Amazon don't do different levels of graded products, so could look like new, or could be covered in dents and scratches, that's the gamble. 9/10 times they are like new though.
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