Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Console + Horizon Zero Dawn £369.99 @ Amazon

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Console + Horizon Zero Dawn £369.99 @ Amazon

£369.99Amazon Deals
Found 3rd Mar 2017
From Amazon. Free delivery.
This is also eligible for free 3 months PlayStation Plus membership.
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typical 5 days later than everyone else
All gone
Throw in an additional controller and I will jump, until then the ps4 slim will do just fine!
OOS already
Is there a way to mark it expired?
Switch and GOAT Zelda or this?

Switch and GOAT Zelda or this?

If you have a 4K tv, then this now. Switch later this year
Only £349.99 (minus the 3 months PSN) at Argos. In stock at my local too!

Switch and GOAT Zelda or this?

​Switch, Zelda is 10/10 can't stop playing it and I never used to be that fussed with Zelda games
Pro. You're paying £330 for 50hrs of Zelda.
As much as it pains me - This is probably the better purchase.
Zelda will still be amazing in 6 months when you have a few more games to go at like Arms, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Mario Odyssey. A few more deals may be around by then for Switch as well.

I say this as a bit of a Hypocrite - I bought both consoles at launch and am currently loving Breath of the Wild!
If you have to pick between them - Pro now - Switch in 6 months or so.
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A great console, I love my Playstation Pro and would fully recommend it. If you don't have a 4K TV though I would say wait a while as even though the Pro will improve 1080p it's not as big a step up as on a 4K TV.

Here's some 1080p footage live streamed from the PS Pro :…cka

The normal PS4 will only live stream in 720p. Heat added
The graphics I've seen from Gameplay of zelda on the switch are very poor by today's standards. It's looks like a ps3 game. Horizon zero dawn at 2160p on the pro looks outstanding with the hdr. Obviously it's some way behind a powerful PC but that is only to be expected. Above all HZD is an absolutely superb game. So heat added to this as its a good deal.
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