Unfortunately, this deal has expired 21 March 2023.
Posted 19 January 2023

Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Drive Console £469 @ BT Shop

£469£4792% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Key features
Lightning Speed
Stunning Games
Breathtaking Immersion
Only available to customers who order using a valid voucher code. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any orders that do not meet this criteria.
Product overview
Type: Game console
Platform: Sony PlayStation 5
Capacity: 825GB
Product codes
Quicklinx: GH2ZRR00
Mfr#: 9709893

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Play Has No Limits™


The PS5™ console unleashes new gaming possibilities that you never anticipated.

Experience lightning-fast loading with an ultra-high-speed SSD, deeper immersion with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D Audio, and an all-new generation of incredible PlayStation® games.

Lightning Speed
Harness the power of a custom CPU, GPU and SSD with Integrated I/O that rewrite the rules of what a PlayStation® console can do.

Stunning Games
Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5™ features.

Breathtaking Immersion
Discover a deeper gaming experience with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Audio technology.

Ultra-High Speed SSD
Maximize your play sessions with near instant load times for installed PS5™ games.

Integrated I/O
The custom integration of the PS5™ console's systems lets creators pull data from the SSD so quickly that they can design games in ways never before possible.

Ray Tracing
Immerse yourself in worlds with a new level of realism as rays of light are individually simulated, creating true-to-life shadows and reflections in supported PS5™ games.

4K-TV Gaming
Play your favorite PS5™ games on your stunning 4K TV.

Up to 120fps with 120Hz output
Enjoy smooth and fluid high frame rate gameplay at up to 120fps for compatible games, with support for 120Hz output on 4K displays.

HDR Technology
With an HDR TV, supported PS5™ games display an unbelievably vibrant and lifelike range of colors.

8K Output
PS5™ consoles support 8K Output, so you can play games on your 4320p resolution display.

Tempest 3D AudioTech
Immerse yourself in soundscapes where it feels as if the sound comes from every direction. Through your headphones or TV speakers your surroundings truly come alive with Tempest 3D AudioTech in supported games.

Haptic Feedback
Experience haptic feedback via the DualSense wireless controller in select PS5 titles and feel the effects and impact of your in-game actions through dynamic sensory feedback.

Adaptive Triggers
Get to grips with immersive adaptive triggers, featuring dynamic resistance levels which simulate the physical impact of in-game activities in select PS5 games.

Review Overview

YouTube - Review

Help & Information

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  1. beanooo's avatar
    £449 for me as staff discount (edited)
    Rod_SmithmPK's avatar
    That's original scalpers price!
  2. Deelsonwheels's avatar
    If you are not bothered about disc console you can get the digital console for £449.99 from very (including god of war).
    J_Staunton's avatar
    That doesn't seem like a deal me, given the price difference
  3. XP200's avatar
    At this point i think it would be best to wait and see what the revised model with optional disc as a add-on looks like and costs. (edited)
    IFRIT's avatar
    I really don't see it being much cheaper if at all, the technology is not there for a massive size reduction unless they want to want compromise on noise levels.
  4. razp2's avatar
  5. happyhero's avatar
    Imagine paying a scalper £700 a year ago, then seeing this price? Still think it needs to come down in price. £370 is about the max I would pay.
    joebaker123's avatar
    Agree its like asking full price for a Samsung S11 in 2023..
  6. joebaker123's avatar
    Bye Bye Scalpers!
    BrianButterfield's avatar
    Funny cause I won one on eBay for £460 and the person cancelled it.
  7. BabiDealings's avatar
    Where is the extra 10% off? I don’t see any mention of 10% off for signing up
    TheBou's avatar
    My bad I was searching for discount codes as someone said they have a sign up code but it was a third party what mentioned it I've removed it
  8. dert's avatar
    Not a bad deal, but if you've an ee account you can get it for £449.99 paid up front or £440.00 paid over 11 months as an accessory...see this thread hotukdeals.com/dea…751
    Muppetspotter's avatar
    You can get it on PayPal credit interest free though via BT shop 🏻
  9. Esfiha28's avatar
    At this price I might get a second for my daughter
  10. Muppetspotter's avatar
    Went for the deal with the red extra controller and it arrived in 3 days from order one very happy son ( he saved hard for this 🏻)
  11. Micrometeoroid's avatar
    Anyone know whats the cheapest way to get a non disc version ATM ! Thanks
    Muppetspotter's avatar
    Depends if you want a warranty or not ? If no then FB market place or eBay
    Possibly Amazon warehouse deals if your lucky
's avatar