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SONY PlayStation 5 (Disc Console) & God of War Ragnarök Digital Bundle with Gotham Knights - £549 Delivered @ Currys

£549£5694% off
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7% works vouchers can be used against this bad boy

Sony PlayStation 5 - 825 GB

The Sony PlayStation 5 rewrites the rules of what a console can do. Combining a custom CPU, GPU and lightning fast SSD storage, it'll load up all your games almost instantly, no matter how expansive.

Gaming graphics just got a lot more realistic. The PS5 works seamlessly with 4K HDR TVs, with the ability to output Ultra HD graphics with a 120 Hz refresh rate. If you have a 4K display, you can play at up to 120 fps for incredibly smooth, precise motion.

With support for HDR content, every game, character, and scene looks vivid and alive with colour. And ray-tracing technology creates true-to-life shadows and reflections to reach a new level of realism in supported games.

The all new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller transforms the way every game feels. The controller features haptic feedback, letting you feel the effects of the actions you take in the game.

The triggers have changed, too. With dynamic resistance levels, Adaptive Triggers make everything from taking a shot on goal to overtaking on the racetrack feel unique. No matter what your next move is, the physical impact is just as immersive as the visuals.

Want to play against your mates online? A PS Plus subscription lets you team up with friends online and do battle with millions of players worldwide. PS Plus members get exclusive deals on the latest games and access to brand new game demos. Get involved!

PlayStation God of War Ragnarök - PS5

Embark on an epic journey to find the means to prevent Ragnarök. Continue the story of Kratos and his teenage son Atreus on the backdrop of Norse mythology. Venture through all Nine Realms as the Fimbulwinter draws to an end and face hostile Asgardian forces in breath-taking battles. Can Kratos break free of his past and help Atreus understand the prophecy of Loki?

Good to know

- Journey through stunning landscapes with a wide variety of enemy creatures
- Classic weapons of war like the Leviathan Axe and Guardian Shield return alongside a host of new abilities for both characters
- Defeat monsters and even Norse gods in fluid and fast-paced combat
- Play the climactic finale of the Norse mythology series in one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation games of 2022
- Get extra immersion with this PS5 version - detailed haptic feedback, adaptive trigger functionality, 3D audio and dynamic 4K resolution at 60fps

PlayStation Gotham Knights - PS5

Batman is dead and the streets of Gotham City are overrun with crooks and criminals. The rest of the Batman family must take up the cause to protect Gotham and return hope to its citizens. Play as Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin and bring fear to the city's felons and discipline to its cops.

Good to know

- Solve mysteries and confront notorious villains in this open world action RPG
- Patrol the most dynamic and interactive Gotham City yet
- Explore and fight crim in Gotham's five distinct boroughs
- Lead the four main characters on their way to become the new Dark Knight in the epic single player campaign

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  1. Avatar
    Asda George have them in stock
    Just say that they are in stock
  2. Avatar
    If you resale games, the it's probably better to get the console standalone as these bundles come with codes rather than a disc version.
  3. Avatar
    are you kidding me? I literally just bought at this price with only god of war just 2 days ago. FML
    You're probably better off without Gotham Knights, to be honest.
  4. Avatar
    Bought a PS5 recently, the thing that really gets me is how cheap and ugly it looks. Kinda wishing I'd waited a year for the revision. (edited)
    Plays well though eh
  5. Avatar
    I knew prices would come down. So many of these God of War packs everywhere. Would expect better bundles in Boxing Day and January sales. Looks like Game are getting them ready as well. Although when you currently add to basket still shows up at full price for individual items.
    If they're saying mint, that one must be used. It would say new otherwise surely?
  6. Avatar
    Just out of curiosity, why not buy PS5 from Playstation Direct (for 479.99) and order GoW etc separately (for 60)? I ordered Ps5 from PS Direct on Tuesday with free delivery (5-days), it arrived Next day in the afternoon.
    That's what I'd do. Well, what I did, only I bought from ShopTo when they had solo console stock because the delivery was quicker.
  7. Avatar
    If I’m interested more in the console than specific games and am happy to wait, do we think it’s better to hold out or go for a deal like this now?
    Hold out or, as above, order the console on it's own from Sony.
  8. Avatar
    Purchase PS5 this year best move ever form the noisy ps4 pro. Games look amazing and everything loads and plays quick and quiet a really big step up from the ps4 imho. Traded my ps4 pro vr1 and games to CEX and this supplied me for all top PS5 games. if your on the fence take the plunge you will not be disappointed . (edited)
  9. Avatar
    what are the 7% works vouchers ? ty
    You get them through an employer's discount scheme. If you were able to get them, you would probably know about them already

    And mine have been down to 6% for quite a while (edited)
  10. Avatar
    use topcashback vouchers to buy currys vouchers for 5.2 percent cashback
  11. Avatar
    i’m struggling to get £450 for a brand new ps5 that i bought from argos with some vouchers i had
    They had loads in stock the other day (disc console only version). Keep checking as they obv go out of stock and back in stock in waves.

    I had one purchased in Nov which developed some faults and rather send back to PS for help (who were tragically awful at hardware help), I instead swapped it for another at Argos when they had stock.

    I did have to purchase 4x PS5s across different local Argos stores to make sure. Once I swapped my PS5, I just cancelled the remaining orders
  12. Avatar
    Good deal , heat from me op!
  13. Avatar
    We had 10 ps5 delivered to our store today. Ragnarok edition
  14. Avatar
    Anyone know any deals on just GoW Ragnarok on PS4?
  15. Avatar
    I’m waiting for the slim model already been forced to wait over a year already so it kinda stopped me wanting it
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