Sony PlayStation wireless headset at Argos for £49.99

Sony PlayStation wireless headset at Argos for £49.99

Found 11th Sep 2017
I bought this today at Argos currently 20 pound off. Available in black and white
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44.99 at sainsbury if it helps anyone
The black ones are £44.99 at Tesco when you use code TDX-VPKP

Had this for a few years. Sound quality is great but the mic is pretty rubbish as you can't hear yourself speak. Charge is decent. Only a handful of games are supported for it via Sony's app. But well worth this price...I paid around £80 I think
Got mine at xmas . £48 ish. Great sound. Hold charge a long time. Pretty comfortable for longish periods
Great price for a great product. If you need to game in silence then this is a decent way to do it. Brilliant surround sound from the app on supported games.
Great headset. Clear mic, good sound quality, comfortable for long gaming sessions and a good battery life.
Have mine for 3 years now. About a year ago the hinges gave up on both sides. There is a metal rod that is held in place with plastic clips and the clips just eventually wore down and snapped. Now both sides held constantly open with black electrical tape.
The material on the earphones has also started to fray.
But they still work and sound quality is still amazing.
So if you want a pair of decent sony headphones but aren't to worried about how they'll look after 2 years then get these
Can you play Netflix etc through these? Other Bluetooth headsets don't...or its not straightforward from what I gather.
Got one myself and it's worth every penny!
Do you know where to get the ear cup replacement cushions?
bleachedsmiles15 h, 23 m ago

mic is pretty rubbish

Uns12 h, 53 m ago

Clear mic

This is what baffles me - how can it be clear and rubbish?

I had this headset for a few days and I have to agree with bleachedsmiles - people were constantly saying they couldn't hear me (and I had turned up the gain as far as it goes).
It's onmidirectional so it's expected that it won't be as good as one placed in front of your mouth but why do some say it's good when others don't?

I have a quite deep voice and a small office if that factors...
Perhaps the noise cancelling picks up too much bounced sound and cancels my voice...?

Anyway - Great set of headphones - just not a great headsetfor me.
31959847-QfUha.jpgHere's mine which started going like this after 2 years
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