Sony PS3 Bundle MW3 (DLC 1 & 2) + free PlayStation Move Starter Pack, a free official Sony DualShock Controller + free Gioteck Real Triggers for extra control all for £219.99 @ Amazon
Sony PS3 Bundle MW3 (DLC 1 & 2) + free PlayStation Move Starter Pack, a free official Sony DualShock Controller + free Gioteck Real Triggers for extra control  all for £219.99 @ Amazon

Sony PS3 Bundle MW3 (DLC 1 & 2) + free PlayStation Move Starter Pack, a free official Sony DualShock Controller + free Gioteck Real Triggers for extra control all for £219.99 @ Amazon

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Hi All,

Just got this deal from amazon I assume you get this all for £219 but doesnt seem to work for, someone might be able to get it to work.

PS3 Slim Bunndle 320gb with MW3 plus DLC 1 + 2 = £219.

Free PlayStation Move Starter Pack with PlayStation Eye Camera and Move Controller.

Free Official Sony DualShock Controller.

Free Gioteck Real Triggers.


£20 for the following 1 selected game:

Lollipop Chainsaw
Amazing Spiderman
Lego Batman 2
Prototype 3
Tom Clancys Ghost Recon:Future Soldier
FIFA 2012
Battlefield 3
Mass Effect 3


Special offer London 2012 for £15


Bonus Free Three-Month Subscription to LOVEFiLM.

I know other PS3 slim deals have been posted include the one Amazon where the PS3 Slim was down to £150, but it seems you get alot for your money. Hope someone gets this to work.

Good Luck

Can confirm all works without game all in for £219.99, if yu want e extra game w0rks out £239

- homeoffice2020


have you tried going all the way to the final payment page? That's where the discount usually applies.

Seems alright I suppose if you consider the whole deal....but why can't they just do a cheap PS3 on its own!!

I think its a cracking deal.. Sell MW3 £20, Batman 2 or Spiderman £25, Move starter kit £20 so then you have a PS3 with extra official controller for £175, or if you don't want the extra controller sell it for £25 then you have a 320gb PS3 FOR £150.

@moneyeyes its works its when you confirm.....

So without the game came to £219.99 for me.....

@novadragon shopto the 320gb for £177 i think the deal was posted on HUKDs

you can buy with CoD 3 for same price... 219


You get the extras apart from the game for the same price:)

Best 320GB deal I've seen since £150 with GT5 and triggers on Amazon short while back, maybe even better with the extra controller, but only IF you really want the PS move with your set up.

Often worth getting one of the £20 games to sell on, so research which is the best investment. I got Ghost recon with mine and sold for around £35 on Playtrade. Luckily enough for me someone bought the free GT 5 for £25 aswell, sold the controller with it and genuinely had a new PS3 for under £100. Shame I've already got 3 in my house otherwise I'd maybe get this too. Hot.


You might want to change the title to £219.99 as the extra game is an add on. So you don't need to purchase it.
Someone else has listed it after you and its doing much better.

Thanks sammie,

Cant seem to change it, but just happy I got the offer out.....:)

unlucky this one didn't get hotter. Great find though and i've added heat

Great deal! Just throw the triggers in the bin as they are rubbish.

Can't seem to get it to work at this price :-((

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@ mchellsear you have to get to completion stage on the order screen before the discounts are applied....hope that helps:)

Went right to the end and was still showing £287 do you have to put card details in before it takes it off??

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ty homeoffice will try again x

wow it works once you have gone through checkout and paid it applies discount

£219.99 this will get hot

Same deal was posted here on July 26th. Pricey IMO considering MW3 is 9 months old and Move was Sony's biggest fail. If you sell or trade the extra's then fine but theres no way I would pay over £150 for the 320GB solos console today

Price will keep dropping!

Most HMV stores do PS3 and XBOX bundles, I bought a PS3 bundle from HMV a while back for £249.99 which included:

PS3 320GB Slim and Dual Shock Controller
Free Blu-ray movie
ANY five games of your choice

So you get about £200 worth of the latest games with the deal!

Id prefer that over a Move system tbh

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That was also a good deal but have you seen the prices of some of the games over at Amazon sold by zoverstock? I just bought Modern warfare 2, Call of Duty 5,r under £20. I know there older games but to be honest much much cheaper then buying off eBay.....

All th used games have been in excellent condition about to purchase black ops for £7.99, some of the games start from£ £0.01....

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I paid under £20 for MW2, Call of duty 5, big planet 1 and uncharted 1....typo on last posting

homeoffice, how much did you pay for each game?

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@cowboy, cant remember exatly because Ive deleted the emails that I had, but just taken alook at current prices intotal about £24...Just did a quick search on Amazon ad was getting those prices, I have posted links to current games still available if you look around amazon your sure to get them slightlty cheaper. The listing below includes uncharted 2, I bought1.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) - £6.32


Call of Duty: World at War (PS3) - £7.98


LittleBigPlanet (PS3) - £2.98


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)- £7.88


Theres loads more just do a serch for PS3 games in Amazon and click on games under a £5....Hope that helps...

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