Sony PS3 Dualshock3 controller £13.00 @ Sainsburys better than half price

Sony PS3 Dualshock3 controller £13.00 @ Sainsburys better than half price

Found 26th May 2013
the Sainsburys in Cambridge at Coldhams Lane had a display of PS3 bargains including the dualshock3 for £12.99.

I couldn't resist buying one for me, and one each for friends, as this was such a bargain.

The chap at customer services rang them up at £34.95, after I'd already given him the bluray-style box with the picture and price, so after some discussion he said he would honour it!

He said there was another in stock, but hinted that they would be checking the price and whether they meant them to be on-sale at that price.

So I am hoping other HUKDers will get lucky like me!

Edit: Oh, and these are genuine Sony ones in the full retail packaging. It's occurred to me that just maybe they were meant to have been third party controllers on sale and someone got it wrong? But I didn't see any such items in the shop.

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here's a bigger photo of the receipt.
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might just pop into my local Ladbroke sainsburys and see wag1
Good work son.
Sounds like a misprice so no one else will get one for this price. Sorry.
Might take the wife and kids to Sainsburys for Monday's bank holiday treat.
mmmm muller corners
Are your friends all called ebay by any chance?
wow..need to check out my sainsbury's
Amazing deal.
I would have bought them all!
I must admit I wonder if I should have bought their entire stock. My neighbours are already charging theirs up!

Are your friends all called ebay by any chance?

Great deal well done
Hey this isn't the price that they are listed on the system it must have just been a pricing error by staff on the products themselves. Sainsbury's runs on a centralised system and it would have come through the till at that price without them having to a do a manual price reduction as it was on the receipt. Sorry everyone
These aren't national, they're in-store manually reduced, which means someone messed up somewhere and tagged them incorrectly.
Heat just for screwing the seller over
Deal or no deal?

Is it available in any store?
Staropramen is rank
Is your iPhone auto correcting Sainsbury's as Staropramen? #yourphoneknowsyoubest

Is your iPhone auto correcting Sainsbury's as Staropramen? … Is your iPhone auto correcting Sainsbury's as Staropramen? #yourphoneknowsyoubest

Ahh, assuming someone has an iPhone AND using hashtags outside of Twitter?

You're so hip that even the hipsters hate you.
No just heavy drinking on a bank holiday Sunday
just checked my local, full price.
Sick of deals like this that make me go in store for nothing!

Why does everything have to be so expensive these days..
You were lucky to get it honoured. But that's the end of it.
Not a deal, just a spontaneous bit of luck. They didnt have to honour it at all, I would not have and certainly not on more than one.
I didn't say that this was necessarily every store, and if this is a clearance deal then chances of finding stock are small. I'm happy to accept that I got lucky, and quite possibly the sales person accepted the deal because he wanted to get rid of stock. The one at full price in the main PS3 section had the older black/white retail packaging, in the security plastic box, whereas this was just the bluray case with a photo.

Seems a bit unnecessary condemning the deal and marking as expired is unreasonable until people have a chance of checking their local store tomorrow (bank holiday monday), the PS3 display of bargains wasn't just a local bodge job, it was a proper PS3 special deals stand, and at the front of the row near the checkouts, not in the middle of the row with the other PS3 stuff.

We all know that making journeys specially to look for a bargain on HUKD is likely to lead to a wasted journey. As it happened I was passing by and actually went in to see if they had the Sennheiser headphones deal posted a while back, but didn't get lucky!

Staropramen is rank

it's ideal very cold for an afternoon barbecue!

it's ideal very cold for an afternoon barbecue!

Tried my 1st pint of it yesterday was really bitter but it was the bottom of the barrel so who knows lol
Its good to see that the cashier was confirmed as being over 18. Its always a worry for me, when I'm buying alcohol, that I'm possibly being served by an underage cashier.
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