Sony PS3 with LBP, Motorstorm (Pacific Rift) and 1 other game for £329 @ Comet
Sony PS3 with LBP, Motorstorm (Pacific Rift) and 1 other game for £329 @ Comet

Sony PS3 with LBP, Motorstorm (Pacific Rift) and 1 other game for £329 @ Comet

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Just popped into my local comet where I very nearly bought this package. Basically they are giving you two free games and asking you to pay £30 for the third but these are pretty good games: Far Cry 2, Saints Row, Brother in Arms, Sonic Unleased, Star Wars Force unleashed, a WWF game and another I cannot remember.

EDIT: Only four of these are available online but I was offered a better choice instore even though Sonic is not yet released!

Perhaps even better, they have a similar package that includes a HDMI cable and Tony Hawks. So that is four games and a cable for £349.

I have searched these forums looking for a good PS3 deal and this does seem the best; £120 worth of games for £30.


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Not looking for rep here just posting what i thought was a good deal. There have been a few good ones but many are expired and I went to Blockbuster, Currys, HMV, Woolworths and PC world today but no one had a deal this good...any reason for the cold voting?

If there is a better deal I would like to follow it up before I buy this one tomorrow...

There's a couple of threads already on HUKD about the deals that Play.com currently have on:

Hope that helps

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Wow...£999 for a PS3!

I followed your link but found two games a blue ray and a remote control being about the best for £299 and I would need to wait for the delivery and probably miss it so a trip to the PO depot.

Still, I take your point. However, this seems a good deal for instore purchases if you want one quick or dont trust the post delivery. Plus, I have a Comet card so can pay this off in 6 months.

Or get the PS3 80GB with LBP, 2 games (such as Prince of Persia and Resistance 2) and an hdmi cable for £299 from amazon

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Good point, I just ordered POP, LBP, HDMI cable and Resistance 2 from Amazon for less than £300...this is still a decent 'instore' offer IMO.
Just curious..which is better; motorstorm (PR) or resistance 2?

Is it 'legal' to order the LBP 80gb package and add the two games i.e. will they honour it? And why pre-order for the 28th November when it is already in the shops?

They do honour it. Resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2 are both very good games (although I think that IGN rated R2 over PR) and it's really a question of which one you prefer.As to why you have to preorder, I have no idea...maybe amazon does not get its stock until the 28th...
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